Colossal Order has finally announced the release date for CS: 2. In addition, a first gameplay trailer was released, from which many details can be confirmed.

Cities: Skylines II will be released on October 24, 2023 for PC. The release for PlayStation and Xbox is delayed until spring 2024.

Gameplay Trailer

What is Known so far?

Now that the release date is finally known, we can slowly move on to the details of the sequel to Cities: Skylines.

Cities: Skylines II is available for pre-order now. You can choose either the Standard Edition or the Ultimate Edition. If you order before release, you will receive a pre-order bonus for both versions. You can find out everything about the contents of the versions here:

Cities Skylines 2: All Editions and Pre-Order Bonus
This autumn CS: 2 will be officially released. An Ultimate Edition and the first DLC have already been announced. What is included in the different game versions? You can find out in this post!

The game C:S II has extremely strong graphics, which also requires a lot of performance from your computer. While the predecessor still leaned heavily towards comic graphics, Colossal Order now fully aims for realism with its successor

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You can find out exactly which hardware you need in order to be able to play later in a relaxed manner in our hardware post on Cities: Skylines II:

Cities Skylines 2: System Requirements - This is the PC You Need in Autumn 2023
The release date of CS: 2 is now official. This also means that the system requirements for PC players can be seen everywhere. You can find out here, which PC you need to play properly in October.

As with all of Part 1's major expansions, Colossal Order will be also releasing gameplay details on C:S 2 over the coming weeks and months.

The schedule for these releases is already known. Jumping straight into action on June 19th with the new and improved road tools seen in the gameplay trailer already. You can find the schedule for all feature presentations in this post:

Cities Skylines 2: All New (and Old) Features of the City Building Simulation
A whole series of new features will find their way into Cities: Skylines 2. Over the next few months, Paradox Interactive will be going into more detail about certain features. You can find the schedule in this post.

It is already (!) known what the first expansion of Cities 2 is supposed to be about. The first DLC for Cities: Skylines II will be released in spring 2024 and is called Bridges & Ports. It allows you to create a powerful yet aesthetic port industry and landscape.

First details about the very first Cities: Skylines II DLC can be found in this post:

Cities Skylines 2: All Expansions at a Glance
Here you get an overview of all the major Cities: Skylines II DLCs and what new features they bring.
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