The size of the map in Cities: Skylines 2 has already caused great discrepancy in the player community before release. In this post, we'll get to the bottom of it and finally clarify how big you can build in C:S 2!

Basically, a Cities: Skylines map differentiates between the total area of the map, the possible playable area and the claimable area.

In Cities: Skylines 1, this data has been known for a long time. Of course, the information refers to the gameplay without mods. With mods, the claimable area can be expanded to the total area of the map.

A tweet from Colossal Order shows that the 159km^2 specified in CS2 compares directly to the 9 tiles (33km^2) of CS1:

The buildable area in Cities: Skylines (the 9 tiles) is 33 square kilometers. Cities: Skylines II provides roughly 5 times that area for your future cities - Colossal Order on Twitter

Cities: Skylines 1 - without mods (1 tile = 3.7km^2)

  • Total area of the map - 81 tiles (=299km^2)
  • Possible playable area - 25 tiles (=92km^2)
  • Claimable area - 9 tiles (=33km^2)

Cities: Skylines 2 - without mods (1 tile = ?)

  • Total area of the map - 441 tiles (area unknown)
  • Possible playable area - unknown
  • Claimable area - tiles unknown (=159km^2)
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So you see - the buildable area (without mods!) is already 5 times larger than in the predecessor! It remains to be seen how big the map will be overall.

Again, there will be no mods for console players, so this information is already enough to definitively answer the size of the usable area for PlayStation and Xbox players.