This autumn CS: 2 will be officially released. An Ultimate Edition and the first DLC have already been announced. What is included in the different game versions? You can find out in this post!

Cities: Skylines II - Standard Edition

You can already pre-order the Standard Edition of Cities: Skylines 2 for 50€. With this you get the base game of Cities: Skylines 2 with all new features compared to the first part of C:S.

In the second part of Cities: Skylines, many features from the first part were integrated directly into the base game and also features, which many players would have liked for part 1 and which were only available in the first part through DLCs and mods.

This means that the base game of Cities: Skylines II is already a huge upgrade to part 1 of the series.

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Cities: Skylines II - Ultimate Edition

But you can also opt for the Ultimate Edition of CS:2 and, as a real fan, have a significant price advantage when pre-ordering. In addition to the base game, you also get the Expansion Pass with a whole range of content for 90€:

  • San Francisco Set (Straight to release)
  • Beach Properties Asset Pack + Deluxe Relax Radio Station (Release: Q1 2024)
  • 2 Content Creator Packs: Urban Promenades and Modern Architecture + Soft Rock Radio Station (Release: Q2 2024)
  • Bridges & Ports (Expansion) + Cold Wave Channel Radio Station (Release Q2 2024)
But what is included in each package?

San Francisco Set

You will receive this set directly when Cities: Skylines II is released (which means on October 24th, 2023). It contains the following items:

  • Muscle car garage
  • 5 muscle cars
  • A police car
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • San Francisco map

Beach Properties Asset Pack

Included in this pack are assets that you can use to beautify your shorelines and beaches. This makes it possible to realize luxurious beach houses.

Content Creator Packs: Urban Promenades and Modern Architecture

Each of these Content Creator Packs will contain 30 assets each, which are objects that can be placed anywhere in the city. These two packs are being developed by familiar faces from the Cities: Skylines asset community. In any case, it will be interesting to see who received this honor to develope these packs.

Bridges & Ports Expansion

With this expansion you will take your coast line to the next level. Everything you need for a sizable port region is included in this DLC:

There will be drawbridges and lighthouses, over 100 new objects will let you create the perfect port. There's also an entire shipping industry added to it, which sounds a lot like the production chains from the current Industries DLC.

3 Radio Stations

As in the first part of Cities: Skylines, there will be again radio stations that play a certain type of music: Deluxe Relax Station, Soft Rock Radio and Cold Wave Channel.

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Pre-Order Bonus: Landmark Buildings and Game Map

All Cities: Skylines 2 pre-orders receive a pre-order bonus. It does not matter whether you order the Standard Edition or the Ultimate Edition.

It includes 9 landmarks from around the world and a map based on the landscape of Tampere (Finland). You'll get these sights when you pre-order:

  • London Eye (London, UK)
  • Notre Dame (Paris, France)
  • National Gallery (London, UK)
  • Grand Hotel
  • Botanical Garden
  • Näsinneula (Tampere, Finland)
  • Xi'an Bell Tower (Xi'an, China)
  • Sungnye/Namdaemun (Seoul, South Korea)
  • National Diet (Tokyo, Japan)

Cities: Skylines II - Premium Edition (Physical Edition)

This limited version contains all the content of the Ultimate Edition plus:

  • Cities: Skylines II - Steelbook Edition
  • Double sided Cities: Skylines map (for drawing)
  • 2 special pens to draw on the map (ink can be wiped off)