Update 1.6 has just been released and of course you want to capture the new farm in a screenshot. But how do you actually take a screenshot in Stardew Valley? Find out in this post.

Stardew Valley for Steam (Windows / MacOS)

If you play Stardew Valley on Steam, it is possible to take a screenshot with F12. Steam will then give you direct audio feedback so that you know that a screenshot has just been taken. You can find the screenshots at this location:

  • In the Steam client go to View -> Screenshots at the top
  • In the screenshot management, select the game Stardew Valley from the drop-down menu
  • Next to it, click on the “Show on disk” folder icon

Alternatively, you can search for this file path in Windows Explorer:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\*Steam ID*\760\remote\413150\screenshots

Stardew Valley GOG Version

If you have the GOG version of Stardew Valley, the screenshot with F12 will not work. However, you can still take and save screenshots with this version using the in-game function:

Screenshot via In-Game Feature

In the Stardew Valley settings you will find the screenshot at the bottom.

To do this, simply click on the camera symbol at the bottom of the settings and a screenshot will be taken. The magnification level corresponds to the resolution of your screenshot. So with 100% you get the highest resolution.

These screenshots are saved here:


This feature is particularly suitable for recording the entire farm or an entire district. Here you can see two examples of what is still on this screenshot: