You can find stones, coal and ores in the mine in Stardew Valley. But you don't get them for free: Monsters lurk for you in the caves. You can find out everything you need to know about the mine in this post.

The deeper you go into the mine, the better ores you can find. The mine has 120 levels, battling your way through all of them requires a good pickaxe and weapon.

General Information About The Mine

In a new game you will receive a message on the fifth day that the gravel, that previously blocked the entrance of the mine, is gone. It is located north of the small lake after you have crossed the wooden bridge. Now you can enter the mine and go to level 1 by clicking on the ladder.

In the mines you will find stones, coal and ores that you need for crafting. To go down one level you have to mine stones and kill monsters. This reveals a ladder that leads down to the next level (sometimes the ladder is also immediately visible).

Mine in Stardew Valley.

The chance that you will uncover a ladder through a monster kill is 15%. When mining stones, the basic chance of a ladder is 2%. But other factors also come into play: The fewer stones there are on the level, the greater the chance of finding a ladder.

Which Ore Is When To Find?

You can find the valuable ores deeper in the mine. The important ores for improving your tools are in a list here. You can also see here at which level of the mine you can find the most ores:

  • Coal - from level 1 (coal is common on floor 51-59)
  • Copper ore - from level 1 (copper ore is common on floor 31-39)
  • Iron ore - from level 40 (iron ore is common on floor 71-79)
  • Gold ore - from level 80 (gold ore is common on floor 101-109)
  • Iridium Ore - from level 100

Travel to the destinated floor, depending on which ore you want to farm.

You can find everything you need to know about upgrading your tools in this guide:

Stardew Valley: Upgrading Tools
The blacksmith in Stardew Valley can upgrade your tools to make them more effective. You can find out everything you need to upgrade your tools in this post.

Beware Of The Monsters!

There are monsters lurking in the mine who are trying to beat you. To fight them, you will find a rusty sword right at the entrance, later at level 20 you will find an even better sword.

The mine is divided into different themes, while each theme has its own monsters.

Themes Of The Mine

  • Levels 1-39: Brown Earth, Gray Earth
  • Levels 40-79: Frozen Earth, Frozen Castle
  • Levels 80-120: Purple Earth, Crimson Earth

Hitting with your sword does not cost you energy, so you will not pass out from fighting.

Passing Out and Lost Items

If your health falls to zero in the mine, you will pass out. In this case, 10% of your gold (up to 5.000 gold) will be deducted, as well as some items in your inventory. After passing out, you wake up somewhere else, depending on which villager found you.

You can buy back lost items in the Adventurer's Guild from Marlon (located to the right of the mine). Make sure to buy back lost items in time, because if Marlon runs out of space, newer items will replace the old ones.

Weapons, shoes and rings can also be bought in the Adventurer's Guild and the loot from monsters can be sold here.

The Elevator

There is also an elevator at the entrance to the mine, which you can use to go to a certain level.

Once you have reached level 5 of the mine, you can use the elevator. The next time you enter the mine, you don't have to fight your way through each level again, you can go straight to level 5.

You can use the elevator every 5 levels, so you can make steady progress in the mine. Next time you go farming in the mine, make sure to leave on the next 5 level step.