Thalamus is a resource in Hades 2 that you can harvest from Origin Seeds and is needed to remove the curse on the surface so that you can survive there

Get Thalamus

To get Thalamus, you first need to complete a few steps and have a little luck.

Chaos Gate

First you need some luck and have to find a Chaos Gate.

These appear randomly as an alternative route to the next area.

You can already recognize the closed variant during the fight.

closed chaos gate

Once you have defeated all enemies, the gate opens, and you can enter this realm for a fee of a few HP.

Origin Seeds

Once you arrive in the chaos area, you have to be lucky again and find an excavation site.

Excavation site in Chaos for Origin Seeds

For this you absolutely need the silver spade, which you can make and choose at home.

Origin Seeds dug up

You can also get a gift of chaos here, which can be very powerful and can massively affect a run.

Growing Thalamus

If you have the Origin Seeds, you can plant them in the crossroads.

Thalamus then requires a total of 7 instances that you must have played before you can harvest it again at the Crossroads.

Thalamus ready for harvest

If you harvest the planted Origin Seeds, you will even get 2 Thalamus, which is exactly the number you need for the important magic formula that follows.

This means that it is sufficient to farm just one Origin Seeds for now.

harvested thalamus

Use Thalamus

You can use the Thalamus you have acquired at the Cauldron in the Crossroads.

The Incantations you want to create is the Unraveling a Fateful Bond.

You can see the description here.

This will allow you to break the curse on the surface that causes you permanent damage and start a "real" run.

You can see the other resources you need for crafting here.

Resources required

Farming Bronze

One resource on the surface that you will need a lot of is bronze.

You can see how you can farm this here:

Hades 2: Bronze find and farm
Bronze is a resource in Hades 2 that you can only find on the surface.To get there, you must first fulfill a few requirements.I’ll show you these here.


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