Here you can find a build for Hades 2 with the Weapon Witch's Staff and the god Hephaestus, among others.

The Witch's staff is the first weapon you are given in the game.

Nevertheless, it is very strong and offers both a powerful melee attack and a ranged alternative that causes significantly less damage but can still be very helpful in many situations.


Your attack will be the Boon of Hephaestus Volcanic Strike.

This causes your basic attack to deal a large amount of bonus damage every few seconds until the recharge time runs out, dealing that amount of damage in an area surrounding the impact.

You can reduce the recharge time with further levels of the Boons.

Special attack

For your special attack you get the Boon Volcanic Flourish, also from Hephaestus.

This has the same effect as your attack, namely an AOE explosion every few seconds in addition to your normal damage, which will deal high damage to enemies.

Here, too, you reduce this recharge time with further levels of the Boon.


For your sprint, I recommend Hestia's Soot Sprint Boon.

This destroys projectiles when you sprint and inflicts a fire debuff on enemies who fired them, causing damage.

Melting furnace

With the Boon of Hephaestus's Furnace Blast, your explosion effects of your attack and special attack cause additional damage to the enemies

Molten Touch

Hephaestus' Molten Touch gives your attacks and special attacks additional damage against armor, allowing you to deal much more damage, especially against elite enemies.

This allows you to make even more use of the other gifts and eliminate enemies much more effectively.


With Duplication from Poseidon you have a chance to get double resources as well as double powerups, like extra HP, which is actually always a good choice, especially if you still have some upgrades ahead of you.


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