Bronze is a resource in Hades 2 that you can only find on the surface. To get there, you must first fulfill a few requirements. I'll show you these here.



The Surface is an alternate route you find in your room for selecting your weapons and arcana.

The way up is initially blocked and you have to make a few runs down first.

However, you do not have to successfully complete these runs to unlock the path to the surface.

Unlocked path to the surface

Hermes, Hecate and Moros

After a few runs you will meet Hermes, who will tell you in a conversation that Olympus has been attacked and that you should help him.

As you continue to play through, you should keep talking to the people present at the crossroads (the place where you reappear after a playthrough).

Above all, there are Hecate

Hecate at the crossroads

and Moros important.

Moros at the crossroads

You should also always interact with the large cauldron at Hecate, especially when it announces new magic formulas in the form of an exclamation mark.

Cauldron for the magic formulas

Breaking the Witch Seals

Breaking the witch seals is the magic formula you ultimately need to reach the surface.

To do this you need the following resources.

Resources for Brewing Breaking the Witch Seals

You'll find Cinter when you defeat the first boss, so you should have some by then.

Moly can be found as collectible plants.

You can create Shadows in the spell cauldron.

Shadow Extraction at the Cauldron

Find Bronze

Now that you can go to the surface, you can get your first bronze.

For this you need the Crescent Moon Pickaxe.

Crescent Moon Pickaxe to choose from

However, there is now one more problem that you will realize once you have defeated the 1st zone on the surface.

You will take permanent increasing damage that will kill you.

2. Zone

However, you can already find 2 bronze deposits on the surface in the 2nd zone.

From my own experience, the first occurrence seems to be much more common.

The first of the two occurrences can be found directly on the left side of the zone.

Bronze in the 2nd zone on the surface

You can find the second occurrence at the bottom right in the second zone.

Bronze deposits bottom right in the 2nd zone

3. Zone

If you are particularly fast and can clear the 2nd zone before the debuff kills you, you can also try your luck in the 3rd zone.

There you can find a bronze deposit on the left immediately after entering this zone.

Bronze in the 3rd zone right next to the entrance

Survive on the Surface

See here how you can break the curse on the surface an survive.

Hades 2: Find Thalamus
Thalamus is a resource in Hades 2 that you can harvest from Origin Seeds and is needed to remove the curse on the surface so that you can survive there


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