Here you will find a build for Hades 2 with which you can fight Chronos very well. This build is equipped with the weapon Moonstone Axe and, among other things, the attack Nova Rush, which boosts your special attack.

Magick regeneration

Probably the most important thing in this build is to have enough magick regeneration so that you can use your Omega special attack consistently.

The perfect boon for this is Hobbled Will from Chaos.

Hobbled Will form Chaos

This allows you to permanently restore magick per second, regardless of any requirements.

Since it may not be that easy to force this boon and an encounter with Chaos, it also works alternatively with Hestia's Hearth Gain.

Hearth Gain from Hestia

This causes you to lose maximum HP and also restore magick per second.

Special attack

For your special attack, choose Apollo's Nova Flourish.

This increases your damage with your special attacks, which also includes your Omega special attack.

Additionally, the area in which you deal damage is also significantly increased.

The long range of the Omega special attack allows you to cause high damage from a safe distance, especially against Chronos.

Nova Flourish from Apollo

Swift Flourisch

Hermes' Swift Flourisch is a very good boon that allows you to perform your specialties faster.

Swift Foulish from Hermes

Daedalus Hammer

I highly recommend you give two boons from the Daedalus Hammer.

Sudden Cleaver

With Sudden Cleaver you can perform your Omega special attacks much faster

This is especially good because it means you get hit less by enemies and can deal damage faster.

This can save your life, especially against Chronos, as he has a lot of powerful attacks that you don't want to get hit by.

Sudden Cleaver from Daedalus Hammer

Giga Cleaver

The other boon of the Daedalus Hammer is Giga Cleaver.

This allows you to channel your Omega special attack even further, which consumes more magick but causes your attack to execute twice.

This doubles your damage and allows you to immediately break the armor of enemies and then deal more damage, allowing you to almost always defeat smaller enemies instantly.

Giga Cleaver from Daedalus Hammer

Blinding Sprint

As a sprint, Apollo's Blinding Sprint works very well here, as you blind enemies and generally have increased sprint speed.

Blinding Sprint from Apollo

Of course, any other sprint works just as well, but increased sprint speed is particularly good here.

Keen Intuition

With Hera's Keen Intuition, your Omega actions deal increased damage when used while at full magick.

This should happen after a few seconds and you can cause additional damage.

This damage bonus is particularly good if you have to spend a few seconds dodging or sprinting.

Keen Intuition from Hera

Enshrouded Flourish

Another very good boon from Chaos is Enshrouded Flourish.

This means your specialties cause significantly increased damage without any disadvantages.

Enshrouded Flourish from Chaos


I achieved the following stats from my run against Chronos.


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