Here you'll find a build for the Witch's Staff with specialization in Daedalus Hammer and Heaven Strike of Zeus for an almost permanent use of your Omega Attack.

As a first weapon, the witch's staff is still a very powerful weapon and with a few special gifts you can even use your Omega attack ability almost permanently.

I would like to show you more details here.


The Sorceress

Probably the most important arcana is the Sorceress, which allows time to pass more slowly around you when you channel your Omega attacks, allowing you to react better to everything.

The Arcana The Sorceress

The Wayward Son

With the Wayward Son, you restore 2 HP every time you leave an area, up to a maximum of 30% HP. Very useful if you have taken a lot of damage.

The Arcana The Wayward Son

The Huntress

The Huntress causes your attacks to do more damage when you don't have full magic, which should be the case all the time.

The Arcana The Huntress


With Eternity you can escape death.

The Arcana Eternity

The Titan

With The Titan you start with +20 HP and +20 Magic.

The Arcana The Titan


Hestia - Hearth Gain

Hestia's Boon Hearth Gain is what makes this build possible.

You lose a percentage of your maximum HP, but gain a huge amount of magick restoration per second.

Hearth Gain from Hestia

Daedalus - Double Cataclysm

Getting the Daedalus Hammer can be a bit challenging at times, but it's all the more worth it.

With Double Cataclysm, your Omega attack hits twice, but no longer hits behind you, which is exactly what we want here.

Double Cataclysm from Daedalus

Zeus - Heaven Strike

With Zeus Heaven Strike, your attacks cause Blitz, placing a curse on enemies that requires you to deal 120 damage within a few seconds.

If you succeed, you will cause additional damage from the Blitz, depending on the level.

This is where the Double Cataclysm comes into play - this means you always hit the opponent again and trigger Blitz, which causes enormous damage on several levels.

Heaven Strike form Zeus

The heroic variant is of course not necessary for this.

Demeter - Weed killer

To continue to do more damage with your Omega attacks, Demeter's Weedkiller is very good as it allows you to increase your Omega attacks at an increased cost of magick.

Ween Killer from Demeter

Daedalus - Vampiric Cataclysm

If you find a 2nd Daedalus, it's great if you also get Vampiric Cataclysm to choose from.

This will restore 5 HP every time you kill enemies with your Omega Attack, which you will basically do all the time.

Vampiric Cataclysm from Daedalus

Hermes - Fleeting Target

Finally, I recommend Fleeting Target by Hermes.

This reduces the speed of your enemies' bullets, making it much easier to dodge them.

Hard Target from Hermes


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