Here you can find a build for Hades 2 with the weapon Sister Blades and, among other things, the attack Wave Strike.

The Sister Blades are 2 small swords that allow you to perform very fast attack combos.

Because the attack speed is so high, the damage is rather low.

We compensate for this with this build by adding extra damage and, above all, area attack through Poseidon's Wave Strike.

The Omega Attack is a teleportation behind the opponent and an attack with high damage to the opponent and the immediate surroundings.

With the special attack you throw a blade and with the Omega special attack you can quickly charge up several blade throws.

These are perfect for interrupting one or more enemies from a distance.


As mentioned, your attack will be Poseidon's Wave Strike.

This causes each of your attacks to deal additional damage, dealing area damage and knocking back nearby enemies.

Due to the many quick hits, you cause enormously increased damage, which needs to be increased even further.

Pom of Power

This reinforcement works great with the power apple.

This noticeably increases the additional damage your Wave Strike attacks cause.

Special attack

Hephaestus' Volcanic Splash gives your special attacks an extra explosion every few seconds, dealing large area damage.

You should always add this attack to your attack combo to cause further major damage to your opponents.

Passive Skills

Final Slice

A huge damage boost is the cut finale from the Daedalus Hammer.

This means that the last attack of your attack combo also deals massive damage.

Mint Condition

An additional passive skill that will help you a lot here would be Hephaestus's Mint Condition.

This gives you invulnerability for a limited number of seconds with each new encounter, allowing you to mow down enemies without regard for losses.

Support Fire

If you're lucky enough to meet Artemis, you can boost your attacks and special attacks with Support Fire and fire homing arrows as soon as you hit enemies.

Swift Strike

Hephaestus' Swift Strike gives you extra attack speed, allowing you to attack even faster and take down enemies quicker.


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