In this article I want to show you a simple build guide to the character Archer, for which you don't need high-end items or skills, so that you can unlock just those with the character.

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Halls of Torment: Archer Build Guide
In diesem Artikel möchte ich dir einen einfachen Build Guide zu dem Charakter Archer zeigen, für den du keine High-End Items oder Skills benötigst, damit du eben diese mit dem Charakter freischalten kannst.

Build Overview:

Halls of Torment: Build Guides
In this summary you will find all my build guides for the different classes in Halls of Torment.

The Archer character is a long-distance fighter who can hit opponents at long range with his attack.

Its defensive stats are 350 max HP, 0.1 HP regen, and 5 Defense.

His offensive stats are 50 Damage, 6.0m Range, 0.1m Area/Size, 1.1 Attack Speed, 15% Crit. Chance, 100% Crit. Bonus, 4 piercing and 2 projectiles.

His other stats are 5.0m Movement Speed, 100% XP Gain and 3.0m Pickup Range.

Of course, these basic values can vary from time to time due to patches and are reinforced by "blessings", i.e. passive improvements.

The Archer has a very long range with its attack, making it very strong against opponents at a distance.

Take advantage of this and always try to shoot into as large a mass of enemies as possible.

Even if you are surrounded by enemies, you can clear your way at a greater distance.

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The most important traits to get the most out of the Archer's piercing and projectiles are Attack Speed,


and critical damage.

What also increases your damage extremely is Piercing Wind.

This will ensure that your attacks penetrate multiple opponents, which will effectively increase your damage and also make it much easier for you to eliminate opponents.

Special traits that are for your character should always be prioritized, as they will increase your damage immensely.

You should also always take Multihit with you as soon as you have it to choose from.

Traits to ignore:

These give you absolutely nothing for your main attack and this will be your biggest source of damage.


Probably the best ability at the moment is Lightning Strike.

This does a lot of damage on impact and ensures that the opponent gets a debuff that deals damage again and again.

You should always focus the traits for the Lightning Strike on Attack Speed and Additional Strikes, Damage and Crit Damage secondary.

With this you quickly ensure that the Lightning Strike is carried out extremely often, i.e. approx. 5–6 times per second! And each execution causes 3-4 lightning strikes.

Other good abilities for the Archer are Phantom Needle,

which gives you better enemy control in addition to your main attack.

and Transfixion

which achieves a similar effect.


Items that work very well on the Archer are the Longfinger Gloves

in combination with the Collar of Confidence.

With this you automatically get more damage bonus, the more enemies are around you.

Can be made even more effective with a higher pickup radius.

The Wind Crown, which you unlock with the following quest

works really well too, especially if you're good at killing opponents, the better it gets.

A good ring to start with is the Seal of Rebirth.

This gives you a 2nd chance per run if you should die.

For later runs is the Ring of Fire

and the Ring of Thunder

extremly good.

But you only unlock them a little later.

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