In this article I want to show you a simple build guide to the character Swordsman, for which you don't need high-end items or skills, so you can unlock just those with the character.

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Halls of Torment: Swordsman Build Guide
In diesem Artikel möchte ich dir einen einfachen Build Guide zu dem Charakter Swordsman zeigen, für den du keine High-End Items oder Skills benötigst, damit du eben diese mit dem Charakter freischalten kannst.

Build Overview:

Halls of Torment: Build Guides
In this summary you will find all my build guides for the different classes in Halls of Torment.

The character Swordsman is a very balanced character in terms of values, which means that there is a good balance between offensive and defensive values.

Its defensive stats are 500 max HP, 0.1 HP Regen, 10 Defense, and 10 Block Strength.

His offensive stats are 95 Damage, 5.0m Range, 1.5m Area/Size, 1.0 Attack Speed, 10% Crit. Chance, 100% Crit. Bonus and 100 piercing.

His other stats are 5.0m Movement Speed, 100% XP Gain and 3.0m Pickup Range.

Of course, these basic values can vary from time to time due to patches and are reinforced by "blessings", i.e. passive improvements.

Its most important value is 100 piercing.

As a result, he hits up to 100 enemies with his main attack, which will always be everyone who is in his attack radius.


His key traits to get the most out of his attack are Area/Cone Size.

And range.

With these two traits, you ensure that your attack is broader and also hits more enemies at range.

There is no perfect value for both, I mostly prioritized them as long as I caused enough damage and was always able to overrun the large waves of enemies without any problems.

Another important trait, as for most other characters, is Damage

Attack Speed.

So that you always do enough damage to destroy the opponents with a few hits, and simply for a faster attack so that you can deal better with agile opponents.

Also, a critical hit chance of 30-40% is highly recommended (more is always better, of course, but that's a good starting point).

Followed by critical damage.

Which in the end you can never have enough of.

Pickup range should be at least 5–6 meters.

So that you can better collect the experience from enemies killed further away and just get a better game flow.

The character's high base defensive stats also make it very worth investing in, at least some part.

The defense value should be between 30% and 40%.

So that hits don't cost you too much HP and you can escape from dangerous situations unscathed.

Just like the block strength.

With which you can completely avert damage.

And health regeneration.

So that you can regenerate damage you have suffered. Shouldn't exceed 1.5 - 2 HP/s, invest more in the other defensive stats.

Traits like Weapon Proficiency should actually always be prioritized, as they give twice as many stats as a trait or even more.

Ignore piercing as the base is already 100.

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Active skills that work very well with the character are Lightning Strike.

With which you can also hit and eliminate opponents that are further away, such as magicians or worms.

In addition, it has very high damage, which works very well against elite and bosses.

Likewise, Phantom Needle.

and Transfixion.

Which also deal good damage and will help you better deal with single enemies that are directly in front or behind you.

The game is very demanding and difficult at the beginning, but as you make a few runs and earn some gold, it will become easier and easier for you and you will also notice significant progress.

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