In this article I want to show you a simple build guide to the character Sorceress, for which you don't need high-end items or skills, so that you can unlock just those with the character.

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Halls of Torment: Sorceress Build Guide
In diesem Artikel möchte ich dir einen einfachen Build Guide zu dem Charakter Sorceress zeigen, für den du keine High-End Items oder Skills benötigst, damit du eben diese mit dem Charakter freischalten kannst.

Build Overview:

Halls of Torment: Build Guides
In this summary you will find all my build guides for the different classes in Halls of Torment.

The character Sorceress inflicts damage with spells. It has hardly any defensive values, but a high damage potential.

Her defensive stats are 300 max HP.

The offensive values are 100 Damage, 6.1m Range, 5m Area / Size, 0.5 Attack Speed, 10% Crit. Chance, 200% Crit. Bonus and 3 piercings.

His other stats are 5.6m Movement Speed, 100% XP Gain and 3.0m Pickup Range.

Of course, these basic values can vary from time to time due to patches and are reinforced by "blessings", i.e. passive improvements.

In my opinion, the Sorceress is currently the strongest and most enjoyable class to play.

It deals moderate damage that arcs to other nearby enemies while still having a chance to apply the Electrify Debuff.

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Due to the relatively good damage that the Sorceress causes, the Damage is recommended.

In addition, due to the very high critical damage of 200%, Critical Damage.

With Critical Chance, of course.

Furthermore, Piercing Wind pushes your projectiles and thus provides an enormous damage boost.

Multihit is also always a safe bet.

Due to the fact that the Sorceress has less good defense values but increased movement speed, you should increase this from time to time for increased mobility.

To take at least a little less damage from attacks, 10-15 defense wouldn't be a mistake either.


Of course, Lightning Strike goes best with the Sorceress' main lightning attack.

In order to boost the ability properly, you should boost the ability's Attack Speed.

Add to this the strikes, and you have an extremely powerful additional ability to your main attack.

In addition, Dragon's Breath also works very well, since you can also use it to inflict a burn debuff on the opponents.


As a start item, I recommend the Blood Soaked Shirt.

So that you can regenerate well when you take damage.

Plus the Ring of Fire.

For extra burn damage on enemies.

Quickhand Gloves for extra attack speed.

The Collar of Confidence for extra damage when there are many enemies around you.

Plus the Copper Ring.

To take more advantage of the high base critical damage.

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