In this post, you'll find out which graphics card you can use to smoothly play Blizzard's Diablo IV in FullHD, QHD, 4k at 60 fps. You'll also find recommendations for buying the latest graphics cards that allow you to play Diablo 4 smoothly in the desired resolution.

Graphics card Full HD (1920x1080)

For FullHD, Blizzard recommends an Nvidia RTX 2060 or AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT to play smoothly at 60 FPS. These are graphics cards from the penultimate generation of AMD and Nvidia. Current graphics cards from Nvidia are therefore the RTX 3060 or 4060 TI or from AMD the RX 6650 XT or the RX 7600 to play Diablo IV in Full HD smoothly at 60 FPS.

GFXBench reference RX 5700 XT (115fps) and RTX 2060 (83fps)

Graphics card QHD (2560x1440)

For QHD, Diablo 4 recommends a graphics card with at least 8GB VRAM, but to be on the safe side, 12GB VRAM would be a better choice. The Nvidia RTX 3070 is the minimal choice here. With graphics cards like the RTX 4070 or RX 6750 XT, which have 12GB VRAM, you are much more on the safe side, especially if you also have one or the other stream open. Most recommended graphics cards are from the last generation, from the current generation only the Nvidia RTX 4070 or better is recommended.

GFXBench reference RX 6700 XT (161fps) and RTX 3070 (161fps)

Graphics cards 4K (3840x2160)

To play Diablo IV in 4K with high details, the manufacturer recommends at least an AMD RX 6800 XT or an Nvidia RTX 3080. Logically, for DLSS 3, a graphics card from the Nvidia Geforce RTX 4000 series. These are both graphics cards from the last generation, with older graphics cards you have to sacrifice the details.

If you want to buy a new graphics card, it is more worthwhile to use models with 16GB and more, since the VRAM of 12GB is at its limit, especially with 4K gameplay, and you then have to turn down the details in order to play smoothly under 4K.

GFXBench reference RX 6800 XT (236fps) and RTX 3080 (210fps)

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