With the program WinDirStat you can find large, memory-intensive files in no time and delete them if necessary. This way you will have a lot of free disk space available again in a short time.

This older program still runs without any problems on the latest version of Windows 11. Once you open it, you can select one of your hard drives or all of them. Alternatively, you can analyze just a single folder.

Selection of the hard drive after starting WinDirStat

After a short loading time you will see this colorful overview. At the top left you will find a file overview that you already know from Windows Explorer. The folders are sorted by size in descending order.

The files are presented visually below. The larger the file, the larger the rectangle representing the file. Files in the same folder are displayed in the same color. In the screenshot below, I clicked on the "GoPro" folder, so all (blue) files in the folder are framed in white.

At the top right you will find an overview of the file types on the hard disk. This way you can easily determine which type of file is taking up the most space on your hard drive.

Overview of files in WinDirStat

You can also just click on the colorful files below so you can see which directory they belong to at the top. In the example below, the selected file is 11GB in size and belongs to Cyberpunk's game files.

In my case, I can save a lot of space on my hard drive by sorting out the large GoPro files. To do this, I can simply select a rectangle or an entire folder and press Remove.

Selected file in WinDirStat

You can download WinDirStat from this link:

Windows Directory Statistics cleanup tool