In this post I don't want to present you a short level guide for the sorceress, which will go up to the maximum level in the beta and you can use it to unlock the rewards.

Begin your leveling phase by starting with the Basic Arc Lash ability and then skilling the improved Arc Lash to unlock the next set of skills.

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In this next skill section, the Basic skills, you firstly skill Chain Lightning, which will also be your main source of damage in this build.

Then you skill the Enhanced Chain Lightning for an increased critical hit chance.

The next two skill points, so that you unlock the next stage, invest in Greater Chain Lightning and another point in the Chain Lightning ability.

So at level 7 you can unlock your first defensive skill in Defensive Skills.

Skill here both Teleport, with which you can advance faster, and I can get out of dangerous situations, as well as Ice Armor with the Enhanced Ice Armor.

This gives you a shield that protects you from damage and increased mana regeneration, so you can use your chain lightning more often.

Also, skill the Frost Nova so you can freeze enemies that get too close to you.

To unlock the next area, you need one more skill point invested.

You'll use this for another point in Chain Lightning, so that area looks like this:

Now you can skill the Hydra in the next unlocked area, Summoning Skills.

In addition, the two associated Hydraskills.

Now it's time in the area of chain lightning, which is the basic skills, to give the fireball a point so that you can use it for the enchantment, the sorceress' special ability, which causes killed enemies to explode into a fireball and deal area damage.

You also skill chain lightning to a full 5 points.

You use the last skill points in the area of the Hydra, i.e. the summoning skills for Align the Elements and Protection.

With this, you automatically get a shield for each used ability of your defensive abilities, which shields you from damage.


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