The League of Legends European Championship (LEC) determines the best LoL team in Europe in two splits per year and thus also who will qualify for the world championship. You can find all the winners of this esports tournament in this post.

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List of all Winners of the LEC

Split 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
2024 Spring Split G2 Esports Fnatic Team BDS
2024 Winter Split G2 Esports MAD Lions Team BDS
2023 Season Finale G2 Esports Fnatic MAD Lions
2023 Summer Split G2 Esports Excel Fnatic
2023 Spring Split MAD Lions Team BDS Team Vitality
2023 Winter Split G2 Esports MAD Lions KOI
2022 Summer Split Rogue G2 Esports Fnatic
2022 Spring Split G2 Esports Rogue Fnatic
2021 Summer Split MAD Lions Fnatic Rogue
2021 Spring Split MAD Lions Rogue G2 Esports
2020 Summer Split G2 Esports Fnatic Rogue
2020 Spring Split G2 Esports Fnatic MAD Lions
2019 Summer Split G2 Esports Fnatic FC Schalke 04
2019 Spring Split G2 Esports Origen Fnatic
2018 Summer Split Fnatic FC Schalke 04 Team Vitality
2018 Spring Split Fnatic G2 Esports Splyce
2017 Summer Split G2 Esports Misfits Gaming Fnatic
2017 Spring Split G2 Esports Unicorns of Love Fnatic
2016 Summer Split G2 Esports Splyce H2k-Gaming
2016 Spring Split G2 Esports Origen Fnatic
2015 Summer Split Fnatic Origen H2k-Gaming
2015 Spring Split Fnatic Unicorns of Love H2k-Gaming
2014 Summer Split Alliance Fnatic SK Gaming
2014 Spring Split Fnatic SK Gaming Team ROCCAT
2013 Summer Split Fnatic Lemondogs Gambit Gaming
2013 Spring Split Fnatic Gambit Gaming Evil Geniuses

Teams with most LEC Split Championship Wins

  1. G2 Esports: 13x LEC Split + 1x Season Finale (2023)
  2. Fnatic: 7x LEC Split
  3. MAD Lions: 3x LEC Split
  4. Alliance: 1x LEC Split
  5. Rogue: 1x LEC Split

History of the LEC

The League of Legends European Championship was founded in 2013 under a different name. At that time, the highest European LoL league was called the EU LCS and teams could qualify for this league through the EU Challenger Series.

At the same time, the bottom teams in the EU LCS had to compete for a spot in the league against the top Challenger Series teams at the end of each season. A team from the EU LCS could lose its spot to an EU Challenger Series team.

Since the 2019 season, the EU LCS has been rebranded to LEC and the teams can no longer be relegated due to the franchising system. To play in the league, teams had to spend between 8-10,5 million €.

LEC Format

In the LEC, ten teams play in three splits per season (Winter, Spring and Summer) for the championship in Europe.

Regular Season

In the regular season, the teams play a total of 18 games (double round robin) in best-of-1 format. The 8 best teams in the regular season qualify for the group stage.

Group Stage

The eight remaining teams will be drawn into two groups of four teams each. Within each group, the teams compete against each other in a best-of-3 format. The top four teams qualify for the playoffs of the split.


The remaining four teams determine the finalists of the LEC in a double elimination system (best-of-5). Winners of the Winter and Spring Splits qualify for the Mid-Season Invitational Event (MSI), which also includes international competition.

Season Finals

After three splits, the split winners automatically advance to the Season Finals. Three more slots will be given to the top three remaining teams by split points. The summer split is weighted the highest.

The six teams play in a double elimination system (best-of-5) for the trophy of the LEC champion. The top 3 teams from the Season Finals qualify for the World Championship at the end of the season.

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