24 teams from 13 regions participate in the League of Legends World Championship. In the tournament, the teams compete for the biggest sporting goal in LoL esports: The world championship.

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List of all World Champions and Runner-Ups

Season Winner Region Winner Runner-Up Region Runner-Up
2022 DragonX LCK (South Korea) T1 LCK (South Korea)
2021 Edward Gaming LPL (China) Damwon Gaming LCK (South Korea)
2020 Damwon Gaming LCK (South Korea) Suning LPL (China)
2019 FunPlus Phoenix LPL (China) G2 Esports LEC (Europe)
2018 Invictus Gaming LPL (China) Fnatic LEC (Europe)
2017 Samsung Galaxy LCK (South Korea) SK Telecom T1 LCK (South Korea)
2016 SK Telecom T1 LCK (South Korea) Samsung Galaxy LCK (South Korea)
2015 SK Telecom T1 LCK (South Korea) KOO Tigers LCK (South Korea)
2014 Samsung Galaxy White LCK (South Korea) Star Horn Royal Club LPL (China)
2013 SK Telecom T1 LCK (South Korea) Royal Club Huang Zu LPL (China)
2012 Taipei Assassins PCS (Taiwan) Azubu Frost LCK (South Korea)
2011 Fnatic LEC (Europe) against All authority LEC (Europe)

Who is Participating in Worlds 2021?

While only 8 teams took part at first Worlds in 2011, in recent years there have usually been 24 teams. The best teams from around the world (top seeds) qualify for Worlds through the playoffs in their league.

These regions are participating in Worlds 2021:

  • Europe - LEC (3 teams)
  • North America - LCS (3 teams)
  • South Korea - LCK (4 teams)
  • China - LPL (4 teams)
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau/South East Asia - PCS (2 teams)
  • Commonwealth of Independent States - LCL (1 team)
  • Brazil - CBLOL (1 team)
  • Latin America - LLA (1 team)
  • Japan - LJL (1 team)
  • Oceania - LCO (1 team)
  • Turkey - TCL (1 team)

Tournament Format

12 teams qualify directly for the world championship through their placement in the regular season. The remaining 12 teams have to battle out the remaining 4 slots in the play-in stage.

Play-In Stage

In the group phase (round 1) of the play-in stage, the top 8 of the 12 teams from 4 groups qualify for the knockout phase (round 2) after a double round robin (best-of-1).

In the knockout phase, the first-placed team always plays against the second-placed team from another group in a best-of-5. The winners of these 4 matches qualify for the world championship.

Main Event

Worlds starts its group phase with 16 teams in 4 groups. After a double round robin (best-of-1), the top 2 teams in each group qualify for the knockout phase.

In the knockout phase, the winner will be determined in a best-of-5 over the next 3 rounds. The winner of the tournament will receive millions of dollars in prize money (2020: $2.500.000).

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