With correct use, you can become almost immortal with this build. In this post I want to show you this build for assault rifles. It was tested and worked with the AK, but it can also be used for all other assault rifles.

To see the ability that makes this build special, see Tank -> Last Man Standing.



Gunslinger Basic is your source of Edge.

If you change weapons, you gain Edge.

This will then allow you to use some of the following skills.

From the Hip

An example would be From the Hip.

This means your shots will spread less if you also fire from the hip.

Heavy Hipfire

Heavy Hipfire also benefits from Edge.

This means that your hip shots cause heavy stagger to enemies hit.

This will allow you to suffer less return fire from these enemies and repel their impending attacks.



Enforcer Basic is your source of Grit.

This means you have to temporarily stay close to the enemies.

If you kill 2 enemies within 5 meters of you within 4 seconds, you gain Grit

Quick Reload

Quick Reload lets you reload faster as long as you have Grit and Edge.

This is very useful for a following ability.

Face to Face

Face to Face increases your damage dealt against enemies within 5 meters by an additional 10%.

This allows you to react better to enemies near you.


Solid makes you immune to stagger effects if you have Edge and Grit active at the same time.

Combat Reload

The increased reload speed is applied here.

With Combat Reload, you renew your active Edge and Grit when you reload while your magazine is not yet empty.

This allows you to maintain both buffs permanently, even when there are no enemies nearby.



We only need to take the basic Mower to be able to use the following skills.

Recoil Handling

Recoil Handling reduces your recoil while you have Edge active.

This allows you to hit much better from a distance with your assault rifles.

Ammo Funnel

With the Ammo Funnel, you get collected ammo directly into your magazine and can therefore shoot for much longer before you have to reload or refresh your Edge and Grit.


By Replenish, you can even automatically pick up dropped ammo while you have Edge active.

This means you can get a lot more use out of the ammo funnel.

Sprint Loaded

Sprint Loaded is a nice addition that allows you to reload while sprinting.

Ammo Specialist

Ammo Specialist

Ammo Specialist Basic increases your ammo capacity by 20%.

This means you can use your assault rifle for significantly longer.

Plate Up

Using Plate Up, you instantly regenerate the active portion of your armor when you pick up ammo while you have Grit.



With Manipulator Basic you tie hostages 50% faster.

This is useful both for civilians you capture during the start of the mission and for following skills.

Manipulator Aced ensures that each hostage you trade in counts as an additional hostage.


With Negotiator, you get an additional first aid kit when exchanging a hostage.

This is very helpful for a following ability so that you can use it more often.


Menacing gives you the ability to shout at SWAT units to make them give up.

This will cause them to drop their weapon and become a hostage, which you can exchange for bonuses already mentioned.



With Tank Basic your tank regeneration increases by 20%.

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing is your ability to last almost indefinitely against opponents, as long as you can use it correctly.

Instead of being knocked down, this ability drains your Grit and makes you immune to all damage for 10 seconds.

Afterwards, this ability is disabled until you either go down again or use a first aid kit.

You can secure these in advance by trading hostages or in full combat by trading surrendered SWAT units that have become hostages.

You can then use Last Man Standing again and repeat the process until you run out of first aid kits.

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