An alternative to my stealth build for Payday 3 can be found here.

I tested another stealth build for Payday 3.

There are only a few changes here that have made the heist process quicker and instead give you greater security when it comes to keeping a better eye on guards and cameras.



The Hacker skill allows you to infiltrate cameras to gain access to them as if you were physically present in the security room.

At Basic level you get 1 Runtime.

At Aced level, you can overcharge cameras that are already affected by an active charge.

This will cause anyone near the camera to be stunned and the camera to be destroyed at the same time.

Additionally, you will receive another Runtime.

Secure loop

Secure Loop uses up a charge and prevents the camera from recognizing you.

If the camera is destroyed, you will get your charge back.

If you try to use a charge when you are out of charge, the oldest charge will be removed from the camera.

Glitch Protocol

Glitch Protocol allows you to interrupt a guard's current action for 5 seconds.

If you are escorted out of a private zone, you will be released and the guard will no longer search for you.

If you are currently being held, you can use this to escape and the guard will return to search mode.

You can use this ability every 60 seconds.


Here is the actual change to the stealth build.


Strategist Basic gives you the option to mark an additional target.

Your markings also last 20% longer.

Strategist Aced gives you the same bonus again, so another target to mark and another 20% longer duration of your marks.


Here there is the first saving at one point in the last skill Slippery.


Grifter grants you a rush stack when you are near civilians or employees without a mask.

Walk the walk

Walk the Walk gives you Rush when you don't wear a mask and cameras don't detect you while you move in private zones.

Social engineering

Social Engineering grants you the ability to be ignored by employees during illegal activities when Rush is active and as long as you are not wearing a mask.

Open Mic

Open Mic gives you a 50% faster response to radios.


Here we change the next point, at excavator. This means you pack up the loot less quickly.


Infiltrator grants you Rush when you pick a lock or kill an enemy with a throwing knife.

At Aced level, you gain Rush when a guard detects you.

Quick Fingers

As long as you have Rush, Quick Fingers allows you to pick locks instantly when you jiggle a lock in the minigame.



If you sprint for at least 3 seconds, Escapist will grant you Rush.


Swift increases your sprint speed by 10%, which overall improves your gameplay and can save you time and protect you from dangerous situations.



Manipulator allows you to tie up and trade hostages 50% faster, although only tying up is important here.


Overbearing increases the range of your intimidating scream by 20%.

In addition, civilians who are intimidated by you remain on the ground 50% longer.

QCQ Specialist

CQC Specialist

CQC Specialist grants or renews Rush when you eliminate an enemy.


Groundskeeper makes your kills 20% faster.

Pressure Points

Pressure Points allows the bodies you leave behind to be examined first before alarms are raised.

This allows you to react if one of your corpses is discovered.

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