A build for Sentry Guns in combination with a Shotgun can be found here.

Sentry Turrets are best suited for situations where you have to wait and there are a lot of enemies coming your way.

You can pick up the Sentry Turrets at any time, even after they are destroyed.

This makes them useful throughout the mission.

The Sentry Turrets can be easily combined with a shotgun and corresponding skills, which I will explain to you in more detail below.



Engineer on Basic gives your Sentry Turrets an increased maximum heat build-up of 20%.

Aced Engineer increases the maximum heat of your Sentry Turrets by an additional 20%.

This means they last much longer.

AP Turret

With AP Turret, the penetration power of your Sentry Turrets is increased by 1.

This will allow your Sentry Turrets to clear enemies much better.

Cooling system

Cooling system reduces the heating of your Sentry Turrets from external influences such as damage from enemies, electrical explosions or hack attempts by 30%.


With Detonation, you modify your Sentry Turrets so that they explode and cause damage around them when they overheat.

Spin Cycle

Spin Cycle allows your Sentry Turrets to rotate completely around their own axis, i.e. 360 degrees, to detect their target.

Double Sentries

With Double Sentries you can set up a 2nd Sentry Turret.

The disadvantage is that the heat builds up 50% faster when shooting, but this is still a significant buff.

Targeted Fire

Targeted Fire allows you to use your Sentry Turrets to attack the exact target you last marked.

This makes it much easier for you to focus and defeat strong opponents like Dozer.


Here we come to the skills that you can use for your shotgun.


Mower is only important here to unlock the following skills.

Ammo Funnel

With Ammo Funnel you get picked up ammo directly into your magazine as long as you have the Edge buff.

This allows you to shoot consistently with precision without running out of magazines.


With Replenish you can immediately pick up dropped ammo as long as you have Edge.

Synergizes perfectly with Ammo Funnel.

Sprint Loaded

With Sprint Loaded you can reload while sprinting, which is just a lot more pleasant.



With Enforcer Basic, you gain resilience when you kill 2 enemies within 5 meters of you within 4 seconds.

This buff is important for a later skill and for gaining Edge.

Enforcer Aced gives you Edge if you already have Grit and kill an enemy within 5 meters of you.

This allows you to use the skills of active enforcer.

Quick Reload

Quick Reload increases your reload speed as long as you have both Edge and Grit.

Face to Face

If you have both buffs, Edge and Grit, you deal 10% additional damage to enemies within 5 yards.


With Edge and Grit, you are immune to daze effects from Solid.

Combat Reload

Here you renew both your Edge and your Grit as soon as you reload a single bullet from your shotgun.

This allows you to maintain the buffs at all times and get the maximum benefit from all skills.

Shock & AWE

Shock & AWE gives you a chance to daze enemies within 8 meters when you kill an enemy within 5 meters.

Ammo Specialist

Ammo Specialist

Ammo Specialist Basic increases your ammunition reserves by 20%.

Not absolutely necessary, but needed to unlock the next skill.

Plate Up

Plate Up regenerates your armor if you have Grit and collect ammo, which you do automatically with every kill.

Best Builds

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