In this post, I will explain to you the general characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, and the special powers of the spirit Shade and Demon, so that you can clearly identify and recognize the Ghosts.



EMF level 5
Ghost Writing
Freezing Temperatures


A Shade is known to be very shy. There is evidence to suggest that a Shade will stop all paranormal activity if there are people nearby.


Shades are much harder to find.


The ghost will not enter a hunt if there are people nearby.

Hidden Powers of the Shade

A shade has an overall reduced activity, which also makes it harder to spot the ghost room quickly because less is happening.

A shade appears more often in its shadow form during ghost events, and significantly less in its actual ghost form.

Ghost event chance increases with overall decreasing average sanity.

Also, a Shade will not throw objects if you or one of your playmates are in the same room as the ghost itself.

In the end it can be said that a shade is a rather quiet and boring ghost than all the others and can therefore be clearly recognized.



Ghost Writing
Freezing Temperatures


Demons are the most aggressive ghosts we've ever encountered. Known to attack without reason, they seem to enjoy the thrill of the hunt.


Demons will initiate hunts more often than other ghosts.


Demons fear the Crucifix and are will be less aggressive near one.

Hidden Powers of the Demon

Demons can start another hunt within 20 seconds - all other ghosts need 25 seconds for this.

If you catch a demon outside of a hunt with smudge sticks, it can start hunting again after 60 seconds - all other ghosts need at least 90 seconds for this.

A crucifix keeps the demon from hunting in a larger radius than the other ghosts.

It can also often happen that the demon will chase you directly as soon as you enter the house by using its ability.
If its speed is still normal, then it is definitely a demon.

Equipment Upgrades

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Identify the Ghost

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