From level 10 you will receive a daily quest every day at midnight. In this post you will find an overview of all possible daily quests.

The Confidential Secret Mission of the Day is pinned to the toilet door in the tavern every day from level 10. If you complete this task, you will receive additional exp, depending on your level.

Daily Quest in Shakes and Fidget
This is what the daily task could look like.

Bonus XP through the Hydra

Every day, you can fight once against the Hydra. When the Hydra is defeated, it will spawn again the next day, but with one more head.

For every head that the Hydra stretches towards you, every guild member receives 25% additional experience on the Secret Mission of the Day.

Guild Pet in Shakes and Fidget
Per head of the Hydra, you get 25% bonus XP on your daily quest.

All Daily Quests at a Glance


  • Win against the gambler 3x
  • Throw an epic item in the arcane toilet 1x (Level 100+)
  • Complete 10 quests
  • Drink 3 beers in the tavern
  • Travel to quest location (3x!); there are 21 locations:
    • Black Forest
    • Black Water Swamp
    • Busted Lands
    • Erogenion
    • Evernight Forest
    • Flooded Caldwell
    • Gnarogrim
    • Maerwynn
    • Magmaron
    • Moldy Forest
    • Nevermoor
    • Northrunt
    • Plains of Oz'Korr
    • Rotten Lands
    • Shadowrock Mountain
    • Skull Island
    • Split Canyon
    • Sprawling Jungle
    • Sunburn Desert
    • Stumble Steppe
    • Tusk Mountain


  • Increase "Strength" attribute 3x
  • Increase "Dexterity" attribute 3x
  • Increase "Intelligence" attribute 3x
  • Increase "Constitution" attribute 3x
  • Increase "Luck" attribute 3x


  • Defeat an opponent with bare hands 1x
  • Win against other heroes 5x
  • Win against Warrior heroes 3x
  • Win against Mage heroes 3x
  • Win against Scout heroes 3x
  • Win against Assassin heroes 3x
  • Win against Battle Mage heroes 3x
  • Win against Berserker heroes 3x
  • Win against Demon Hunter heroes 3x


  • Mine a gem 1x (Level 25+)
  • Win a fortress attack 1x (Level 25+)


  • Throw an item in the magic cauldron 3x (Level 66+)
  • Let the blacksmith dismantle an item 3x (Level 90+)


  • Spin Dr. Abawuwu's wheel 5x
  • Fight in the dungeon 5x
  • Defeat another player in a pet fight 1x (Level 75+)
  • Feed the pets 3x (Level 75+)
  • Defeat a hero in your underworld 3x (Mine Level 10 & "The Tower" unlocked)