The Toilet of the Arcane Gods improves the items offered to you in the stores. It is also essential to equip your tower companions. You'll learn everything about the toilet in Sfgame in this post.

From level 100 it is possible to find the key to the toilet during a quest.

Door to the Arcane Gods' toilet in Shakes and Fidget
If you go upstairs in the tavern, you will get to the toilet.

The door to the toilet is in the tavern right to the city guard, but it remains locked until level 100. Only if you click on the door while you have the toilet key in your inventory, it will open.

Selling Toilet Keys

Toilet key in Shakes and Fidget
This is what the toilet key looks like when it is in your inventory.

The toilet key itself is also worth a lot: You can sell it in the shops for 25.000 gold. It's definitely worth it, since this gold is important for your skill points, especially at the beginning. From level 100 you can find multiple toilet keys per day as long as you don't unlock the toilet.

Since the advantage of the toilet is not that great at the beginning, it is extremely worthwhile to invest the gold of the keys in skill points before unlocking the toilet. As soon as your skill points cost more than ~15.000 gold, selling the keys is no longer worthwhile.

How the Toilet of the Arcane Gods Works

Toilet of the Arcane Gods in Shakes and Fidget
The Toilet of the Arcane Gods in Sfgame. The mana tank is almost half full here.

You can throw items into the toilet to convert them or get rid of them. The first item that lands in the toilet each day fills the toilet's mana tank. Depending on which item is thrown into the tank, it fills up faster:

  • 50 Mana: Epic Item
  • 30 Mana: Gem
  • 25 Mana: Normal item
  • 10 Mana: Potions and Fruits

You will get epics and normal items back and their class will be converted. So if you throw a mage wand into the toilet, a warrior sword may come out (you can equip your tower companions with this). Warning: You no longer receive gold or resources when selling converted items.

On the other hand, you won't get back gems, potions and fruits after throwing them in the toilet.

After the first item of the day has already filled the mana tank, all other items on the same day will not fill the mana tank any further. However, you can still use the toilet to convert items.

Full Mana Tank and Toilet Aura

The mana tank is completely filled at 100 mana for the first time. After that, the tank will not fill up any further until you flush by pulling the rope. As a reward, you will receive an item (1/3 chance of an epic), and your arcane aura level will increase by 1.

The mana required for flushing increases per aura level, up to a maximum of 1.000 mana. This is achieved from aura level 19, from then on you are guaranteed to receive an epic item for every flush. The maximum aura of the toilet is level 66, after that you can only use it to convert items.

Each level of aura improves the quality of items offered to you in the shops by +1. With this, the quality of the items can be increased by a maximum of +66 through the toilet.