In order to get a head start on a new server, it is important to fill your scrapbook from day one. You can complete these 9 achievements on the first day of the server and dust off the bonuses.

When a new server starts in Shakes & Fidget, it only takes a few days until the first player has reached level 100. With all five events at server start, new features that bring additional XP, or simply excessive use of mushrooms, characters can now be leveled much faster.

It is also essential to level up the attributes in order to compete with a strong character. Achievements in the scrapbook also help doing that. The scrapbook can be found in the magic shop from level 10. After ordering new goods for a few times, it should be included in the shop and can be purchased for 25 gold.

1) Dragon Rider

"Dragon Griffin or Griffin Dragon mount"

The dragon mount can be leased for 25 mushrooms. With 15 mushrooms that you have in the account from the start, plus 10 more that you will receive through the validation of your email, this is your first achievement and probably also the easiest.

2) Invincible

"Win 10 arena fights in one day"

The fights itself are not a big deal, but it must be noted that fights through the Hall of Fame are not counted towards that achievement. Only fights in the arena will be counted.

3) Rip-off Rip-off

"Beat the Gambler 3 times in a row"

With three cups, your chance of winning is 33% and there is no system to get your achievement faster. Whether you win is a matter of luck. I can recommend spending a large amount of your gold beforehand. Then you only bet the smallest amount possible.

4) Heavy Spinner

"Spin the Wheel 20 times in one day"

For this achievement you either have to seperate yourself from a handful of mushrooms or spend some Lucky Coins. The Lucky Coins are obtained from the tube (flying TV in the tavern). If you click on it, advertising will be shown, which will be rewarded with Lucky Coins.

5) Second Screen

"Play on different devices"

Shakes & Fidget is offered on different platforms:

  • Browser version
  • Steam application
  • Smartphone app

To get the achievement, you must have used two of these three.

6) Globetrotter

"Visit all places in one day"

Each quest in Shakes & Fidget takes place in one of 21 locations. With new accounts, quests are extremely short at the beginning, which makes it particularly easy to unlock this achievement. Here is the number13 checklist for the "Globetrotter":

Globetrotter Achievement Checklist Create a copy to use this spreadsheet.,Um diese Tabelle zu nutzen, musst du eine Kopie erstellen.EN,DEGlobetrotter Achievement Checklist,Weltenbummler Achievement ChecklisteLocation,Visited today?,Gebiet,Heute besucht?Black Forest,ErogenionBlack Water Swamp,FangzahngebirgeBuste...
Save a copy of the document so that you can use it for yourself.

7) Shroomer

"Buy mushrooms from the dealer"

If you usually play for free, but still want this achievement, I can recommend the Starter Pack for this purpose.

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The achievements in Shakes & Fidget grant big bonuses to the attributes if you know how to get them. Here you get to know the tricks so that you can get to all achievements as quickly as possible.

8) Finally 18

"Reach level 18"

This achievement is super easy, because you don't have to do anything for it. As soon as you reach level 18, you will unlock this achievement.

9) Naturism

"24 hours without equipment"

This is particularly easy to do at the beginning, because you don't have all the items yet. At the same time, characters level very fast, so your equipment is quickly outdated anyway.

After your thirst is gone, you can then put all the items straight away (sell if necessary) and start working on the scrapbook. You don't need any equipment to collect low-level items.

Then you have to wait a day before putting the equipment back on. During this time, adventures without equipment shouldn't be a problem either.