With a daily login bonus, the new update in Shakes & Fidget brings new incentives to log into the game every day. Here you can see an overview of all rewards.

The concept of the advent calendar in December has proven itself - that is why Playa Games is now introducing further rewards. A small reward can be picked up daily. This should motivate casual gamers in particular to continue playing.

Overview of the 12 Bonus-Calendars

Meaning of the Symbols

Reward Tier 3 Tier 2 Tier 1
Experience (Book) 1/15 of your Level 1/10 of your Level 1/5 of your Level
Gold Small Gift of Gold Large Gift of Gold -
Wood/Stones/Souls 1/100 of Storage 2/100 of Storage 5/100 of Storage
Runes 5% of current Runes 10% of current Runes 15% of current Runes
Arkane Resources 100 1000 2500
Mushrooms 1 5 25
Fruits 5x - -
Potions 1x Big Potion (+25%) - -
Attributes +3 - -
Quicksand Hourglass 10x - -
Level Up Full Level - -

How the Daily Login Bonus Works

There are a total of twelve different bonus calendars, which are always played through in the same order. Which calendar you start with is random, so if you start with #6, next will be #7.

If you miss one day, the login bonus is reset and the next calendar in the sequence begins. This is of course rather unfortunate  because the last field (field 20) always gets you a full level up.

The Level Up simply increases your level by 1. The XP from your current level progress are retained.

There are customized rewards for players in the low-level area, since such have not yet unlocked all features (e.g. Underworld/Arena Manager). For fields that contain rewards that the player cannot yet have, Playa makes a small gold donation instead of the usual reward.

Rewards of the daily login bonus for low level accounts in Shakes and Fidget
The daily login bonus is adjusted for low level accounts.