At the virtual Oktoberfest in Shakes & Fidget you can not only drink beer for free, but also select the new druid as a class to play.

The eighth class in Shakes & Fidget brings a mix of the three basic classes: Mage, warrior and scout. While the druid's magic damage is significantly reduced (-66%!), you get a complete warrior and scout with the druid's masks.

Druid (mage form) in Shakes and Fidget

The Masks of the Druid

Up to level 10, the druid is just a significantly weaker version of the mage, from then on you can wear the bear mask. With this mask, the druid transforms into a warrior who has exactly the specific stats. You also get the warrior's special ability: Shield block (25% chance).

From level 25 you can finally select the scout form. With the cat mask your character receives all typical values for damage, life and armor of the scout. In this form you also get the respective ability: Evade (50% chance).

All Mask Variants of the Druid

Depending on which race and gender you have chosen for your character, the look of both masks changes. This has no effect on your attributes.

Humans (above) and Elves (below)

Mask of the druid for male and female humans and elves

Dwarfs (above) and Gnomes (below)

Mask of the druid for male and female dwarfs and gnomes

Orcs (above) and Dark Elves (below)

Mask of the druid for male and female orcs and dark elves

Goblins (above) and Demons (below)

Mask of the druid for male and female goblins and demons

Advantages of the Druid

The flexible kit of the druid allows the player to switch between the two masks as needed. This way, the character can be individually adapted to the game situation.

In the arena, the warrior (bear mask) usually has an advantage, as you only have one chance to win and bring more hit points to the fight than the scout.

In the dungeons, the scout (cat mask) is the better choice, as he can use evade to his advantage through many attempts.

The variant without a mask is almost useless, as it deals less damage than a warrior (at -60% health).