In this post, you'll learn all about the newest class in Shakes and Fidget: The Bard.

After a long test phase, Playa Games has finally released the Bard. This is a new game class that is a mix of mage and scout. Here is a brief overview of the Bard:

The Bard in the Shakes and Fidget class selection.

Quick Reference: The Bard

  • Main Attribute: Intelligence
  • Weapon: Mage
  • Gear: Scout
  • Max. Damage Reduction: 25%
  • Ability: The Bard's Melody

The Bard's Melody

The Bard's special ability is about his three instruments in the second weapon slot. You can choose one of these instruments at a time: Harp, lute and flute.

Each instrument has a different effect and will help you in fights:

  • Harp: Increases max. damage reduction
  • Lute: Increases weapon damage
  • Flute: Heals a portion of your hit points

All Instruments of the Bard

Harp: Melody of Protection

The harp increases your maximum damage reduction, depending on the quality level.

Lute: Melody of Vigour

The lute increases the damage of your weapon depending on the quality level. Also, your opponents cannot dodge or block critical hits.

Flute: Melody of Recovery

After an enemy attack you heal a part of your hit points (depending on the quality level).

Instruments in Direct Comparison

Quality Level Harp (Max. Damage Reduction Lute (Weapon Damage) Flute (Healing)
1 40% +20% +5%
2 55% +40% +7,5%
3 75% +60% +10%

How the Melody Works in Combat

At the beginning of the fight and every 4 rounds you play the melody of your instrument. The effect of the melody increases, depending on the quality level (random). The quality level also influences the length of the melody, i.e. how many rounds in a row this effect is active (1-4 rounds).

You cannot play your melody against mages and therefore your instrument is useless in this case.

Quality Level of the Melody

Quality Level Chance Color Base Length of the Melody
1 25% grey 1 round
2 50% black/blue 1 round
3 25% yellow 2 rounds

Bonus Length of the Melody

The base length of the melody is determined by the quality level. In addition, a bonus length of up to 2 additional rounds can be received with enough skill points in the constitution attribute. This means that a melody can have an effect for 3 (or 4) rounds.

"The bonus length is between 0 and 2 and depends on the ratio of your constitution to your intelligence" - Shakes & Fidget Tooltip
  • For a bonus length of one round, your constitution attribute must be at least 50% of your intelligence skill points.
  • For a bonus length of two rounds, your constitution attribute must be at least 75% of your intelligence skill points.

The exact value that you currently need for the maximum bonus length can also be found in the tooltip for the length of your melody.

Example: Your intelligence skill is 100, so you need at least 50 constitution for a bonus length of 1 and at least 75 constitution for a bonus length of 2.