Since the initial release of pets, a lot has changed in Shakes & Fidget. Here you will learn everything you need to know to level your pets even faster!

With the continuous support from Playa Games, the fantasy role-playing game Shakes & Fidget is constantly evolving. As a result, the original strategy of how pets are leveled has changed. A big part with this plays the later introduced Gladiator Trainer. This building increases critical hit damage of your character, your companions and your pets.

In this video you get a brief overview of the pets and the level strategy:

Through this additional damage, pet dungeons are now a whole lot easier. This and a new way of feeding your pets increases your progress in the habitat immensely. To play a role in the pet ladder, you have to unlock the strongest pet of each habitat as soon as possible.

Diagram: Pet Strategies in Comparison
If you compare old and new strategy with water pets, it's easily notable why this strategy is so much better.

Instead of leveling Ocodile completely to level 100, you have to switch early to a stronger pet (Octoboss). This way, you save around 50 fruits longterm, which you can then feed to Hydrosphir. Since the maximum level of pets was increased to 200, the disadvantage of not following this strategy is even more grievous. For every other habitat this strategy works in a similar fashion, with same advantages.

All habitats at a glance:


Ocodile (Level ≈45)
Octoboss (Level ≈100)
Watnake (Level ≈100)


Tinck (Level ≈90)
Birdychirp (Level ≈79)
Knilight (Level ≈73)


Smaponyck (Level ≈95)
Lilbeatzup (Level ≈98)


Toothey (Level ≈49)
Petdacat (Level ≈90)
Pinklynx or Ninstarr (Level ≈100)


Gullps (Level ≈27)
Kokofire (Level ≈94 )
Dragopyr (Level ≈100)

Attention: When you unlock the next pet depends on level, Gladiator Trainer, pack bonus and luck.