The long-awaited successor of the map EUROPE is finally available on the Steam-Workshop. It is about an extended version of EUROPE, expanded over THE WORLD. The method making this map was exactly the same as when I did the Europe map.

The model for THE WORLD provides OpenStreetMap, an open-source worldmap.

To turn this map into a heightmap, we have to change up colours a bit. For a heightmap applies: The darker the colour, the lower the ground at this place. Furthermore, the size of the map must be changed, because I want it to fit into 25 tiles of a Cities: Skylines map. However, this version is perfect for a 81 tiles map.

After some trial and error, I figured out the right size for the map. Now you only need a 25-tiles-mod to build on the entire map.

Though, if you import this heightmap (how to here), you will notice, this map is way too steep and the land is in too much contrast with the ocean. Here you can see especially good how the borders of the countries are generated by the heightmap.

To fix this, the land must be turned a little darker, until the perfect height is found. In addition, I added some ground to the north and south. This is only for optical reasons and has no value for the player, because he usually will not build on this part of the map.

The last step was probably the most elaborate and is still only summerized in one screenshot. Here country borders with trees were added, highways and more traffic routes found their place on the map aswell. It is in general important to have currents. Create these with water spawners in order to flow away sewage.


THE WORLD (Starting Tile in Europe)

THE WORLD (Starting Tile in America)

THE WORLD (81 Tiles Version)


Flat Earth Collection