With high quality items and furniture, the colonists in RimWorld can do better work. In this post you will find out exactly how quality and comfort interact with each other.

RimWorld offers an enourmosly deep gameplay. While the basics of the game are relatively easy to learn, the devil lies in the detail. Not all features are obvious and come quite late into the game to our attention. Quality and comfort are closely interwoven and improve the life of your colonists a whole lot.


Some items in the game have a quality. This stat determines, how well an item was made. Which quality the item gets, depends on how skilled the worker was at that moment. There is the following gradation for quality in the game:

Quality Comfort-Multiplier
Legendary x1,7
Masterwork x1,45
Excellent x1,24
Good x1,12
Normal x1
Poor x0,88
Awful x0,76

Items with legendary quality can only be built by inspired rims.

For example, if one of your pawns has a tailor skill of 15, he will probably produce a good clothing. Also, there is the chance of the item being better or worse than that quality.

The most obvious consequense of quality is the price for that item. Basicly, legendary items are a whole lot more expensive than poor items. But there is alot more to offer by better quality. Furniture gets prettier, which makes the whole room prettier. Beds and stools get more comfortable, which leads to a better regeneration for your pawns. Armor is more protective, clothes better insulated, melee weapons deal more damage, ranged weapons get more precise and better items do in general degenerate slower.

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Comfort is one of the deciding factors which influence the mood of your colonists. If their mood is good for an extended period of time, they will get a mood-buff and vise-versa. High comfort can be achieved primarily by your pawns using comfortable furniture to sit, sleep and work on. This happens while working, resting and sleeping.


How much comfort exactly a stool offers, depends on the type and quality of it. In the vanilla version of RimWorld are three furnitures to sit on:

Type Base-Comfort
Stool 0,5
Dining chair 0,7
Arm chair 0,8

Comfort is calculated by multiplying the base-comfort with the comfort-multiplier, which depends on the quality level. With this formula, we can determine that a legendary arm chair has a comfort of 1,36, while a poor dining chair only has a comfort of 0,62. The material which is used to construct the furniture has no effect on comfort.

Picture of a Workshop with Arm Chairs at every Table
It is also possible to place arm chairs in front of workbenches, just like in this little workshop. This leads to colonists being happier at work, which results in less mental breakdowns.


Beds do not only increase comfort, but also the even more important stat "rest". When your colonists can not rest for too long, they will fall asleep in the place they stand, or get mental breakdowns.

Type Resting-efficency Base-comfort
Bedroll 93% 0,6
Bed 100% 0,75
Royal bed 105% 0,9

Beds made from various stone types will decrease resting-efficency, unlike beds made from wood, steel and other high-quality materials. The resting-efficency and comfort get further influenced by quality: A wooden legendary bed will reach a resting-efficency of 160% and similary increased values with comfort. Additionaly, the comfort can be increased by a commode and a nightstand.

For sleeping occasions for animals (sleeping spot, sleeping box, bed), resting-efficency comes also into play. They also benefit from a comfy sleep.

While simple furniture needs less ressources to produce, complex furniture will provide more comfort. It is advisable to only use your best builders to construct items. This assures you will get the best quality possible at that moment.