Around the Easter weekend, Playa Games announced some news for Shakes & Fidget. Besides a new dungeon there is also a new class: The Demon Hunter.

New "Olympus" Dungeon

The new Dungeon Mount Olympus is available in both the light and shadow world. The key to the light version can be found in the mine from level 200, the key to the shadow version only from level 300.

The opponents of these new dungeons use elemental damage and elemental resistances, which have been recently added in the Arena Manager patch.

The Demon Hunter

The Demon Hunter in action.

The new class in Shakes & Fidget is a mix of warrior and scout, although it can only represent both classes to a limited extent. He wears a scout weapon and warrior armor (including the 50% damage reduction), however he still cannot evade or block.

Shakes and Fidget Demon Hunter revives back to full health
Suddenly back to full health: The demon hunter can revive himself.

Instead, the Demon Hunter has the ability to revive himself when being hit fatally. The resurrection potion is triggered with a 25% chance, but does not work against mages.

The revive can also be triggered multiple times in one fight:

# of Revives Chance Required tries
1 25% 4
2 6,3% 16
3 1,6% 63
4 0,4% 250
5 0,1% 1000

Whether this ability makes him stronger than other classes remains to be seen. In any case, it is certain that Playa is basically willing to go completely new ways for additional classes. This should also provide for varied new classes in the future.

New Servers: April 3, 2020 (4 pm)

To try out the new class, there will be a hand full of new servers starting on friday. As always with new servers, they will start with all events at the same time.