The name suggests that there may be some new activity on the waters in Cities: Skylines. Release date will be March 26th on PC, Xbox and PS4.

Official Trailer

Sunset Harbor Expansion Announcement Trailer

Features of the new Expansion

  • New fishing industry
  • Fishing routes: Fishing areas for  anchovy, salmon, shellfish and tuna
  • Major improvements to public transport
  • Intercity busses
  • Trolley busses
  • Passenger helicopters
  • Light aircraft (private planes)
  • Various new transport hubs
  • New water treatment initiatives and waste management
  • New unique buildings
  • New maps

Free Update Content

  • Overground metro
  • Eldercare facility
  • Child Health Center
  • Walkable quays

Developer Diaries (C:S Forum)

Mod Updates

Since new patches are likely to break current mods, Colossal Order already did a statement on this topic:

Popular mods should be updates quite quickly with the modding beta.

Videos About the Coming Update

Tutorial "Fishing Industry"
Tutorial "Public Transport"
Tutorial "Waste and Water Improvements"
Tutorial "Maps & Policies"
Tutorial "Free Update"
Content Creator Pack "Modern Japan"; Release: March 27, 2020