Colossal Order sends Cities: Skylines to the next round. This time, players will finally get overground metro, new transport hubs and much more!

The name suggests that there may be some new activity on the waters in Cities: Skylines. Release date will be March 26th on PC, Xbox and PS4.

Cities Skylines: All Expansions at a Glance
Here’s an overview of all the big Cities: Skylines expansions and the newly announced features.

Features of the new Expansion

  • New fishing industry
  • Fishing routes: Fishing areas for  anchovy, salmon, shellfish and tuna
  • Major improvements to public transport
  • Intercity busses
  • Trolley busses
  • Passenger helicopters
  • Light aircraft (private planes)
  • Various new transport hubs
  • New water treatment initiatives and waste management
  • New unique buildings
  • New maps

Free Update Content

  • Overground metro
  • Eldercare facility
  • Child Health Center
  • Walkable quays

Developer Diaries (C:S Forum)

Mod Updates

Since new patches are likely to break current mods, Colossal Order already did a Twitter statement on this topic:

"Mods are updated within 24 hours of release! We run a modding beta for that purpose =)"

Videos About the Coming Update

Tutorial "Fishing Industry"
Tutorial "Public Transport"
Tutorial "Waste and Water Improvements"
Tutorial "Maps & Policies"
Tutorial "Free Update"
Content Creator Pack "Modern Japan"; Release: March 27, 2020