The blacksmith in Stardew Valley can upgrade your tools to make them more effective. You can find out everything you need to upgrade your tools in this post.

The blacksmith is located on the right side of the Stardew Valley map. From 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM you can give your tools to the blacksmith in order to upgrade them. After two days, the upgrade will be complete and a popup message will inform you that your tool is ready to be collected.

At the beginning of the game, you will be equipped with the normal version of the hoe, pickaxe, axe and watering can. You can also improve the trash can, where you throw away items.

Upgrade Cost

Depending on the upgrade, different materials will be needed to improve the tool. Also, it still costs a certain amount of gold. Upgrading a hoe, pickaxe, axe and watering can costs exactly the same resources:

  • Copper upgrade: 2.000 gold + 5 copper bars
  • Steel upgrade: 5.000 gold + 5 iron bars
  • Gold upgrade: 10.000 gold + 5 gold bars
  • Iridium upgrade: 25.000 gold + 5 iridium bars

Where is the Blacksmith Located?

If you walk along the lower bank of the river and cross the bridge to the east, you will come to the museum, as well as the blacksmith, which is located above. You can open the map with the M button in order to orientate yourself.

You can trade with the blacksmith here from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. If you miss this time interval, you have to wait until the next day.

Upgrade Effects

Upgrading tools makes them more effective, so be sure to work towards a quick upgrade. The watering can and pickaxe are essential to make money faster.

  • Hoe: Plow multiple field tiles at once
  • Pickaxe: Less hits for small stones, can break harder stones
  • Axe: Less hits for trees, can cut down larger trees
  • Watering can: Water several fields at once, more water capacity

Upgrading the Trash Can

With an upgraded trash can, items that are thrown into it give you a little amount of gold (15% per upgrade). The ingot cost is the same, while gold cost is halfed.

  • Copper trash can: 1.000 gold + 5 copper bars - 15% of the sales value
  • Steel trash can: 2.500 gold + 5 iron bars - 30% of the sales value
  • Gold trash can: 5.000 gold + 5 gold bars - 45% of the sales value
  • Iridium trash can: 12.500 gold + 5 iridium bars - 60% of the sales value