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Cities Skylines: All 8 Monuments and their Requirements

The monuments are the buildings in cities that are by far the most difficult to obtain. The reason for this is that they offer extremely good bonuses and services for your city. You can find out everything about the requirements and functionality of the monuments in this post.

Cities Skylines: Perfect Cloverleaf Interchange with Advanced Road Tools

The mod Advanced Road Tools allows you to place perfect circular ascents and descents. This way, it is no longer necessary to tediously construct the circles by hand.

Cities Skylines: How to Create Bigger Assets in the Editor

The area outside the white grid cannot be built on in the asset editor. With the mod "Fine Road Anarchy" you can make this grid disappear, which allows to create huge intersections.

Cities Skylines: New Expansion is Called "Sunset Harbor"

Colossal Order sends Cities: Skylines to the next round. This time, players will finally get overground metro, new transport hubs and much more!

Cities Skylines: Creating the Map "Asia" - Improved Mapmaking

For my recently published "Asia" map in the Steam Workshop, I have applied improvements in the map-making process. This makes future maps easier and faster to create.

Cities Skylines: Creating the Map "USA"

The USA is the next map that I uploaded to the workshop. This time I even created a making-of video.

Cities Skylines: How to Update Steam Workshop Items

This post will briefly explain how you can update an existing item in the Steam Workshop. This guide works for all items, including savegames, maps, assets, mods, themes, scenarios, and so on.