The monuments are the buildings in cities that are by far the most difficult to obtain. The reason for this is that they offer extremely good bonuses and services for your city. You can find out everything about the requirements and functionality of the monuments in this post.

In order to unlock the monuments, your city has to go through alot. The build path is not only extremely costly, but also some buildings along the way require the partial destruction of your city. The requirement for the Court House (required for the Medical Center) is that the city is exposed to a crime rate of over 50% for six weeks straight.

It may be tough in the short term, but building the monuments makes a lot of sense. Each of the eight monuments has six unique buildings as a requirement that must be placed before. There are six levels for unique buildings and you unlock the last few with the "Small City" milestone.

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Milestones for Unique Buildings

The milestones for unlocking the unique buildings vary depending on the suitable area for building on the selected map. For maps with very little space to build, you need significantly fewer citizens in your city to unlock the milestones.

Milestone Unique Buildings Required Population (Depending on Buildable Area)
Worthy Village Level 1 240 - 950
Tiny Town Level 2 360 - 1.500
Boom Town Level 3 650 - 2.600
Busy Town Level 4 1.200 - 5.000
Big Town Level 5 1.800 - 7.500
Small City Level 6 2.600 - 11.000
Megalopolis Monuments 20.000 - 90.000

Overview of all Monuments

Space Elevator

Space Elevator in Cities Skylines
The space elevator spawns many tourists in your city, so good transport connections are important.

The space elevator brings a lot of tourists into the city, which has a positive effect on sales from the commercial zones, generates visitors for parks and brings a lot of additional guests for your public transport. It is therefore worthwhile to have good public transport lines to the city's sights near the space elevator.

Required Unique Buildings:

  • Statue of Wealth (I): Requires 500.000$
  • Transport Tower (II): 1.000 weekly passengers in public transport
  • Grand Mall (III): Build airport
  • Opera House (IV): Mine 3.000 natural resources
  • Expo Center (V): Overall 2.000 tourists in the city
  • Stadium (VI): Produce 1.000 goods in the city

Fusion Power Plant

Fusion Power Plant in Cities Skylines
The nuclear fusion power plant is the sole power source for my huge city.

The fusion power plant generates 16.000 MW of electricity for your city at 100% of the budget. It is therefore sufficient as the only source of electricity and can easily replace all other power sources. It also makes power generation significantly cheaper: Not only you can do without the many wind turbines, coal power plants and whatever else you use, you can also easily reduce the budget to the minimum of 50% in order to cut operating costs in half (at 8.000 MW power, which is still more than enough).

Required Unique Buildings:

  • Plaza of the Dead (I): Requires 3 full cemeteries
  • Fountain of Life and Death (II): One full lifespan lived in the city
  • Tax Office (III): Produce 1.000 MW electricity
  • Observatory (IV): 1.000 abandoned buildings for 5 weeks
  • Science Center (V): 5.000 full lifespans have lived in the city
  • MAM Modern Art Museum (VI): Requires 50% of the population with high education

Eden Project

Eden Project in Cities Skylines
The people of your city will love the Eden Project because it kills all pollution.

The Eden Project is raising the land value of the entire map to a maximum of over 120$/m^2, which will skyrocket your income. In addition, the building cleans the air, water and land from pollution, which practically eliminates all of the city's pollution.

Required Unique Buildings:

  • Statue of Industry (I): 10.000 squares of industrial zone
  • Friendly Neighborhood Park (II): 10.000 squares of residential zone
  • Official Park (III): 10.000 squares of office zone
  • Business Park (IV): 20.000 squares of commercial zone
  • Servicing Services Offices (V): Requires 300 service buildings
  • Cathedral of Plenitude (VI): Requires every service building in the city
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Medical Center

The medical center is able to replace all of your hospitals in the city. With a capacity of 1.000 patients, 50 ambulances and a helipad, your city is completely covered. This also reduces the cost factor for healthcare buildings enormously, as you can tear off all other hospitals on the map.

Required Unique Buildings:

  • Lazaret Plaza (I): Average citizen health under 20% for 3 weeks
  • Mall of Moderation (II): Average garbage piling per building of at least 25 units
  • Court House (III): Crime rate over 50% for 5 weeks
  • Oppression Office (IV): Employment percentage under 50% for 5 weeks
  • High Interest Tower (V): You must have 2.000$ as a loan
  • Sea-and-Sky Scraper (VI): Build harbor

Hadron Collider

Hadron Collider in Cities Skylines
This high-tech building is capable of replacing all schools in the city. The way to the Hadron Collider is also not as difficult as with many other monuments.

The Hadron Collider is the only building you need for education in your city. With a capacity of 1.000.000 students per school type, a lack of education is never a problem from the time it is set up. All residents of your city will now receive the highest level of education. If your city develops the problem with many overeducated workers, you can shut down the university in the Hadron Collider. This way, you can control the number of students in universities yourself, by setting up a certain amount of universities.

Required Unique Buildings:

  • Statue of Shopping (I): Negative bank balance
  • Posh Mall (II): All taxes under 4% for 20 weeks
  • Colossal Order Offices (III): Expenses for education over 20.000$/week for 10 weeks
  • Grand Library (IV): Have 7 universities for 10 weeks
  • Aquarium (V): Requires 5.000 children in elementary schools
  • Theater of Wonders (VI): Requires 3 elementary schools, 3 high schools and 3 universities

Doomsday Vault (Natural Disasters DLC)

The Doomsday Vault increases the number of residents that can be accommodated in your city's shelters. Additionally, shelters can store more water and food, which results in citizens being able to stay longer in the shelters. This means that fewer shelters are needed to accommodate the entire population.

Required Unique Buildings:

  • Meteorite Park (I): Experience Meteor strike
  • Disaster Memorial (II): Erlebe: Tsunami, Thunderstorm, Meteor strike, Sinkhole, Tornado, Earthquake and Forest fire
  • Helicopter Park (III): Construct Police Helicopter Depot, Medical Helicopter Depot and Fire Helicopter Depot
  • Pyramid Of Safety (IV): Destruction with no casualties
  • Sphinx Of Scenarios (V): Win any three scenarios
  • Sparkly Unicorn Rainbow Park (VI): Win all 5 scenario maps that are included in the Natural Disasters DLC

Ultimate Recycling Plant (Green Cities DLC)

This recycling plant is able to process 480.000 units of garbage per week. In doing so, it also produces a small amount of electricity and recycles the waste to produce goods and raw materials. These can be exported to generate income.

Required Unique Buildings:

  • Bird and Bee Haven (I): Build 5.000 squares of self-sufficient building specialization
  • Climate Research Station (II): Build 5.000 squares of farming specialization
  • Lungs of the City (III): Construct 7 different Park/Plaza-Buildings
  • Floating Gardens (IV): Build 5.000 squares of organic and local produce specialization
  • Ziggurat Garden (V): Construct 30 Parks or Plazas
  • Central Park (VI): Have a total of 5.000 visitors in your Parks and Plazas

Castle Of Lord Chirpwick (Parklife DLC)

Not only is this attraction a tourist magnet, it also adds 25% to the attractiveness of all other unique buildings. This can potentially attract a large number of tourists, which generates additional income in the commercial sector and parks.

Required Unique Buildings:

  • City Arch (I): Build a park area gate
  • Clock Tower (II): Construct a Sightseeing Bus Depot and Park Maintenance Building
  • Old Market Street (III): 5.000 meters of walking tours
  • Sea Fortress (IV): Have a level 5 park area
  • Observation Tower (V): Requires 300 tourists in the city
  • The Statue of Colossalus (VI): Requires level 5 City Park, level 5 Amusement Park, level 5 Zoo and level 5 Nature Reserve area

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