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DayZ: Illness - cold

In this article you will learn everything about the cold in DayZ and how to treat it.

DayZ: Disease - Cholera

Cholera in DayZ is easy to get and therefore poses a serious threat. In this blog post you'll learn how to recognize cholera and understand its causes, as well as find effective treatments for cholera in DayZ.

DayZ: Livonia underground bunker

In this post you'll learn everything about how to get to the underground bunker in Livonia, what you should bring, what to expect and what dangers are waiting for you. So, I'm going to give you a little bunker walkthrough to follow.

DayZ: Map - Here you can find the best loot

In DayZ, a map is essential. Many players wonder if there are other maps besides the tourist map or hiking map that could help them.

DayZ: Update 1.21 - Return to the Middle Ages and changes in game mechanics

DayZ Update 1.21 - many changes and the most important is in my post.

DayZ: Server - How to find a server

Many new players to DayZ wonder which server they want to play on and where they can best get started. I will answer these questions and more in this post. Here are some tips to find a good server:

DayZ: DayZ 2 - Will there be a sequel?

Development of DayZ 2 was recently revealed through internal Microsoft documents. Why this information appears in a Microsoft document is explained in this post.