In DayZ, a map is essential. Many players wonder if there are other maps besides the tourist map or hiking map that could help them.


DayZ has now been available for over 10 years. Back then I started out with the ARMA2 mod and the zombie hype was absolutely real. Even back then there were online maps and a GPS module that you could find and which then showed you the position. For me, the orientation based on waypoints and landmarks was always particularly appealing in DayZ.

The best map available for DayZ is the map on, the iZurvive DayZ & ARMA Map.

This card offers many choices. You can show and hide different loot tier types. The spawns of different types of loot are shown. It is also possible to display truck and car spawns. - Screenshot

Find Loot in DayZ

In DayZ you can always find loot in the same places. Once you know the loot spots of the different buildings and vehicles, you usually won't miss a loot anymore. Sometimes the loot is hard to see, especially lone ammo or shells. There are basically different categories of loot:

Camp/Rural Loot: This type of loot can be found at summer camps, hunter's stands, and bird feeders. Here you can often find very good things such as hunter's equipment, chlorine tablets, weapons, ammunition or even a snack or two.

Military Loot: This loot contains many weapons, military equipment, mines and grenades. It is the loot that is most sought after in DayZ and also the most competitive.

Urban Loot: Here you can find everything from food, clothes, small and large weapons, ammunition and other things.

Industrial Loot: You can find everything you need to build bases here, as well as barrels, wires, tongs and so on.

Coast-Loot: Here you can find one or the other waterproof backpack.

ingame map

There is now also a GPS module. For example, if you find the in-game map, you can display the grid map you are currently on. If you have a compass with you, it will show you the direction you are currently looking. So you don't have to laboriously read the cardinal direction from the compass in the first person perspective.

Another useful feature of the iZurvive DayZ Map is the ability to show the course, which direction to run and how long the run is. Example: 222 degrees southwest and you come out at a hunter's stand.

222-degree southwest and you'll come out at a hunter's stand.

The map is also useful when sniping to find out how far away you are from the enemy.