In this article you will learn everything about the cold in DayZ and how to treat it.

The common cold in DayZ is arguably the quickest disease to catch and get rid of. If you have hypothermia for a long time, you risk catching a cold. The mechanics aren't necessarily comparable to real-life, but still, it's a game. The reasons why you get a cold in DayZ, I will explain below.

A cold


The causes are relatively simple: If you have been hypothermic over a longer period of time and your immune system is not at its highest level, then there is a risk of catching a cold. You don't have to be wet; it's really all about the body temperature, which is displayed via the icon on the right side of the bar. If this is blue and your character often makes "bibber" noises, you are hypothermic. A weakened immune system increases the risk of catching a cold.

  • You have been hypothermic for a long period of time! Not wet or anything like that, but really just supercooled.
  • You have a weakened immune system. You usually have this with low base stats.
  • Contagion from another player

You can also catch a cold if you don't have hypothermia but are infected by a fellow player.


  • Frequent sneezing
  • Frequent tremors
  • light fever

It is best to simply enter the symptoms into the symptom tool to find out which disease you have:


  • High immune system: drink a lot, eat a lot. If you're cold, a vitamin tablet if necessary.
  • Stay away from players with a cold.
  • Do not share water and food with sick players! I believe this also applies to cholera.
  • Masks and helmets can prevent diseases from spreading.

You can reduce the risk by building a boosted immune system. You can boost your immune system by taking a vitamin pill or "refueling" all your stats. Drink until there are no more arrows pointing up - only then is your drinking stat filled to 100%. Your immune system is calculated from different stats: drink, food, blood, health. If these levels are too low, there is an increased risk of illness, especially in the cold. So if you're too cold and your stats aren't boosted, it would be wise to take a vitamin pill until you manage to warm up again.

treatment of a cold

  • Antibiotic (in real life, of course, antibiotics do not work with a viral infection) and vitamins.

In DayZ you can treat a cold by taking antibiotics. In real life, an antibiotic only works against bacterial infections and not against viral diseases, but as I said, it's still a game.