In this post you'll learn everything about how to get to the underground bunker in Livonia, what you should bring, what to expect and what dangers are waiting for you. So, I'm going to give you a little bunker walkthrough to follow.


The DayZ Bunker was introduced in 2022. Since then, the map has been revised to place the bunker in this lonely location. The bunker has a total of two entrances and is located at the bottom left of the map in Livonia. As a fresh spawn, you don't actually need to make your way there, because you urgently need a punch card to get into the bunker. This punch card can be used to open the entrances to the bunker.

Find DayZ Livonia Bunker

You can easily find the Livonia Bunker in DayZ by taking the western road out of Polana. This is the road that goes up the mountain in Polana. Then follow this road for about two kilometers, or if you walk at a normal pace this should be about a fifteen minute walk (15 minutes). The site is surrounded by a fence that has holes in it from time to time.

The site is surrounded by a fence that has holes in it from time to time.

Main entrance

Main entrance coordinates: 837.11 / 1042.58
  • Main entrance coordinates: 837.11 / 1042.58
  • Coordinates of the side entrance: 579.50 / 1125.39

Find DayZ Livonia Key / Punchcard / Punchcard

To enter the bunker you must have a punch card. This punch card drops in different locations on the map. The best place to find this punch card is in the convoys which have been newly added. If there is a certain zombie with a pistol holster in this convoy, then this zombie always drops a punch card. The punch card is not always in good condition. Usually it's already damaged. After each use of the punch card, the punch card becomes more worn. So sometimes a door can only be opened once.

The punch cards can still be found in infested zones and guardhouses.

To use the punch card, you need to find a punch card reader. This can be found at the main entrance right next to the bunker door.

Main entrance

If you insert the punch card into the punch card reader at the main entrance, an alarm siren goes off and a flashing red light draws attention to you. The bunker door is then open for at least 10 minutes. Only then does the bunker door close again with a loud noise and glaring flashes.

The main entrance is not passable with vehicles, various objects have been placed in the way so that this is not possible. It is therefore not possible to park a vehicle in the bunker.

Punch card reader at the main entrance.
After inserting the punched card into the reader, there will be a loud noise and the bunker door will open slowly.
The bunker door can always be opened from the inside.
The bunker door opens with a loud noise which can be heard in the vicinity. The light of the bunker is visible up to 1000m.
Main entrance of the bunker in DayZ.

side entrance

The side entrance to the bunker in DayZ is in the small hut next to the tower. The door is closed and obviously no reader is visible at first. The reader is at the top of the tower. You need two men to open the door and get into the bunker. One of you stands in front of the bunker door and one of you goes to the top of the tower with the punch card. Now he opens the door, the door stays for about. 10 seconds open. Your team member now has to go into the bunker, you go back down and your teammate lets you back in.

The back entrance offers some advantages, for example no alarm or similar goes off as soon as you open the bunker door.

At the top of the bunker you will find the device that you can use with a punched card or punch card. You urgently need two people, because the door is open too briefly to activate the mechanism and run down into the bunker.

You need this for a bunker expedition

To go into the bunker, you urgently need a punch card. It's also pitch black in the bunker, so you need torches, lamps or glow sticks to find your way around the bunker. Headlamps or even night vision devices are an advantage.

During our first bunker expedition we immediately found night vision devices. Backpacks, weapons, ammunition, medicine, helmets and more also drop in the bunker. You don't actually need to take a backpack with you into the bunker, because that's where the unique hiking backpacks with prints, stickers and cassettes drop.

  • To explore all areas you have to be in a team.
  • To use the back entrance you have to be in the team.

Only the first part, level 01, can be looted alone. For level 02 you have to hurry through the narrow pipes and really hurry if you are alone. Otherwise you are trapped. For level 03 you must be part of a team!

DayZ Bunker Solo

If you go into the bunker solo you have to go through the main entrance. Furthermore, you can only loot level 01 in a relaxed manner. For level 02 it needs a speedrun in under 4 minutes to avoid getting locked. For level 03 you absolutely need a buddy who will increase the water level for you so that you can reach the ladder. You can read more about this in my Bunker Water Puzzles Guide below.

DayZ Livonia Bunker water puzzle

I already made an article to solve the DayZ Bunker Water Puzzle. You can find this on the following page:

DayZ Bunkers FAQ

Can you do the bunker alone?

Yes, the bunker can also be explored as a single player. However, you are limited. You have to use the front entrance which could be sniped by enemy players, further you can only enter level 01 and level 02 of the bunker. For level 02 you also have to be very clever and set a small timer. Because you have to be fast before the water level rises again and you will otherwise remain trapped in the bunker forever.

Where can I find the keycards or punch cards for the bunker?

The punch cards spawn in a specific Zombie in the Military Convoy. This spawns randomly at the "crash sites". The best place to find these crash sites is at: