DayZ Update 1.21 - many changes and the most important is in my post.

This update has been around for a while, but it's about time for a post like this again. With the new DayZ update there are some things that are ideal for role-playing on some of the medieval ruins in DayZ. But there are also a few basic things that have changed. I would like to present them in this post, let's go.

Medieval flair

Medieval weapons and armor are clearly the focus of update 1.21. There are swords, medieval armor, various maces, and more. The medieval armor can also withstand a lot. However, the helmet restricts your view very much.

A great addition is definitely the crossbow, the first bow-type weapon in DayZ. With this you can shoot deadly bolts. You either make these yourself, or there are ready-made bolts to be found on the map. In any case, it is particularly good that the crossbow is very light.

by u/Dead679 in dayz

Major game mechanic changes

Update 1.21 not only brings medieval flair, but also some changes to the game mechanics. One of the most notable changes concerns the water from troughs. This can no longer simply be consumed without becoming ill. You have to boil this water or clean it with a chlorine tablet.

If you carry vitamins with you and use a vitamin tablet, you can directly drink the water from a trough. Vitamin tablets are also OP.

Furthermore, there are now also new tips in the loading screen, which should make your life in DayZ easier.

Other notable changes

  • Fall damage depends on the height of the fall.
  • Devices connected to a power generator will reset the despawn timer as soon as you interact with the generator.
  • The drying speed of clothes depends on the weather.
  • Pants now break when falling from a height greater than 5 meters.

Ok that's it for update 1.21 - I hope I could help you.