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Mental state: Berserk. Final straw: Ate without table.

RimWorld: Room Stats and Mood-Buffs from Impressive Rooms

The furnishing of the rooms in RimWorld affects the mood of your colonists. Five values determine whether a colonist receives a buff or even a debuff.

RimWorld: How to Get Cloth and Produce Clothing

Fabrics and leather play an important role in RimWorld, because they can be used to make warm clothing for your colonists. This is not only important in the winter when the temperature is below zero, but also in summer.

RimWorld: Handle Better the "Zzztt"-Event (Short Circuit)

There is probably never a good time for the "Zzztt" event in RimWorld. All of the batteries are suddenly completely empty, which often means that important devices do not receive power for a long time. You can find several solutions to this problem in this post.

RimWorld: 6 Valuable Tips for Beginners

This post is for all players who have little to no experience in RimWorld. These tips will make it much easier for you to get started.

RimWorld: Tips for Beginners (Avoid These Mistakes!)

In this post, I'll show you one of my first colonies, what can go wrong and tips on how to do better.

RimWorld: How to Avoid the Tattered/Ratty Apparel Mood Debuff

Colonists in RimWorld do not like wearing broken rags. If your colonists' clothes are already worn-out, they get a mood debuff. To avoid such debuffs, there is a simple method that I will show you in this post.

RimWorld: How to Create a Time Lapse of Your Colony

With the mod Progress Renderer you can capture the heroic story of your RimWorld colony in a video.