In this post, I want to show you a detailed guide to finding and defeating the 3rd boss from Valheim, the Bonemass, which will drop you the Wishbone.


You can find the Vegvisir, i.e. the board that will show you the location of the Bonemass boss on the map, in the swamp.

However, this is not in the dungeons found there, but outside of them, on the open area of the swamp.

As soon as you find a ruined tower, there is a chance that you will find this tablet in there.

Click on it, and it will show you the nearest boss spawn point on your map.

With a bit of luck, the location will even be in the swamp you're in right now.

Once you get to that point, you'll find a big skull to summon the boss at.

In order to summon the Bonemass you need a total of 10 of the Withered Bones that you can find in the dungeons in the swamp.

These are just lying around in the dungeon, but can also be found in the crates that are in the swamp.

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In the run-up, you should definitely make some poison resistance mead and take it with you, as the boss will deal high poison damage.

If possible, you should still avoid the boss' poison clouds by running away as soon as it looks like the boss is about to sneeze.

Also, the boss is vulnerable to blunt attacks, so be sure to build an Iron Club to deal increased damage to him.

You should also try to kite him around his spawning skull to avoid running into his poison cloud or getting hit by him.

Always make sure that you eliminate the summoned enemies of the boss as quickly as possible, otherwise they can overwhelm you relatively easily.

Once you defeat the boss, he will drop his trophy and also the Wishbone, which you will need to go to the next area, the Mountains, to find the ore there.

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