In this article, we would like to show you a detailed guide to tracking down and defeating the 7th boss from Valheim, Fader.


You can find the Vegvisir for Fader in the Ashlands.

To do this, you need to get into the middle tower, which you can find in charred fortresses. These charred fortresses can be spotted from a little further away by looking for a bright green light.

Charred fortress in the ash drawer

To get into these fortresses and then into the tower, you need a battering ram.

Battering ram in the Charred Fortress

You have to fill it with wood and then you can pull it like a cart.

Drag it directly in front of one of the iron gates and you will need about 3 hits with the battering ram to break open the gate.

Battering ram breaking open a gate

If you have now also broken down the gate to the tower, you will always find a chest inside that you can break to get bell fragments.

You need these bell fragments to make bells.

3 bells are needed to summon the boss Fader.

Bell fragments from the tower of the charred fortress

I received 3 bell fragments from each chest, so I had to conquer a total of 3 fortresses to be able to create the bells I needed.

I only found the Vegvisir "The Emerald Flame", which showed me the location of the Colosseum for the boss Fader, in one of the towers.

Accordingly, it was necessary to conquer several of these fortresses anyway to get the boss's location if you're unlucky.

Vegvisir "The Emerald Flame" for the Boss Fader

Boss fight

Fader attacks in close combat and spins around in front of him, dealing damage to the entire area around him.

Additionally, he attacks with his claws, causing damage in an arc in front of him.

Fader can also rain down meteors, which he announces by rising up and stomping on the ground.

Another ability is that Fader can summon a rift that follows a player for a period of time, causing spikes to emerge from the rift.

You can see this version here:

Fader uses his ability Rift

Afterwards, a large green lake of fire will appear, dealing immense fire damage that you should definitely stay away from.

Fire pool after the ability Rift

Another ability of Fader is his fire breath, similar to that of the boss Yagluth.

With his final ability, he summons charred warriors and skeleton archers by shooting glowing balls.


The reward for defeating Fader is his trophy, like any other boss.

Fader Trophy

The power you get from his trophy is that you get +300 weight capacity and +10% movement speed for 5 minutes.

Fader Power

You will also receive fader relics that currently have no use.


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