In this post I want to show you a detailed guide to finding and defeating the 4th boss from Valheim, the dragon Moder, which will drop you the Dragon tear.

Find Location

There are dungeons in the mountains, but there is no Vegvisir that will tell you the location of the boss.

You can find the Vegvisir in the ruined towers in this area instead. These are often guarded by skeletons or draugr, which you already know from the previous areas, and should therefore not be a major obstacle.

Once you've clicked on this panel, Moder's exact summoning location will be marked on your map.

Once you get to this same place, you will find a big platform where there are 3 slots where you have to place the items to summon the boss.

The required items for this are the Dragon eggs, which you can find in dragon nests in the mountains, which are always protected by several dragons.

If you are unlucky and the boss's summoning circle is not in the mountain where you found the Dragon eggs, you should ship them as they cannot be taken through portals, and they are very heavy.

However, since they are not too rare either, you can also only go in search of these Dragon eggs in the mountains where the boss is located.

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Compared to the other previous bosses, Moder is relatively simple.

The boss will fly up in the air and will attack you during it.

Take your best bow and preferably another old bow with you, because the boss will put away a lot of arrows until he dies, and during this time your bow will most likely break.

An alternative to this would of course be to place an appropriate forge near the boss fight so that you can repair there quickly.

Be careful, though, as the boss can still attack you during this time and can very easily destroy your forge or the canopy.

As a reward for defeating the boss, you will receive his trophy and the Dragon tears, which you will need to build for your further journey.

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