In this post, I would like to show you a detailed guide to finding and defeating the 2nd boss from Valheim, the Elder. From which you will get the swamp key.

You can find the exact location for summoning the 2nd boss, the Elder, in a dungeon in the Black Forest area.

There you have a chance, but unfortunately no guarantee, that you will find the tablet Vegvisir: The Elder.

Once you click the panel, you will be shown the exact location of the boss on the map, like shown in the image below.

When you get to the boss's summoning location, you need 3 Ancient Seeds.

There is a chance you can get these from the Greydwarf Brutes.

You're guaranteed to get one of those Greydwarfs nests that look like a glowing red heap of branches.

This nest is a spawner, so if you want to farm the little greydwarfs, you should only destroy it when you have enough of the desired materials.

However, they are not too rare either, so you will find more of them quickly.

Once you have 3 Ancient Seeds, you can summon the boss, the Elder, at the following location.

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To defeat the boss, I recommend that you take a bow with you and enough fire arrows, i.e. around 200-300, depending on how much you have already leveled and upgraded your bow.

During the fight, always hide behind the visible pillars, as the boss can neither destroy them with his attacks nor shoot through them.

Since the boss is a large tree, he is vulnerable to fire damage, so keep the fire effect of the fire arrows up whenever possible, as they will deal increased damage to him.

As a reward for defeating the boss, you will get his trophy, which his power can give you at the trophy case where you spawned into the world.

Furthermore, the boss will reward you with the swamp key, which you need in order to be able to enter the dungeons in this area in the next area, the swamp.

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