In this article, we would like to show you a detailed guide to tracking down and defeating the 6th boss from Valheim, The Queen.


You can find the Vegvisir for the Queen in the Mistlands, not in the open area, but in the dungeons that are located in the Mistlands.

Vegvisir in the Mistlands Dungeon

The dungeon in the Mistlands is relatively easy to miss as it isn't too noticeable and you can't see it too well through the heavy fog.

It's best to walk to each of the lighthouses with blue light when you see them through the fog.

Exclusively in this dungeon you will also find Sealbreaker Fragments, of which you need a total of 9 pieces to build the Sealbreaker.

The fragments hang on the walls of the dungeon and are immediately noticeable with their blue glow.

You probably won't find enough fragments in one dungeon, which will require you to search multiple dungeons until you have enough fragments for the entire Sealbreaker.

You can see the gate to the Queen's entrance here.

opened entrance to the queen

Boss fight

The first fight against the Queen does not require an offering, only if you want to fight her again do you need 3 trophies from Seeker Soldiers.

The queen's battle takes place in a separate zone and is relatively demanding with additional spawning adds.

Always try to keep the additional enemies as low as possible so that they cannot overwhelm you.

The Queen has various melee attacks that you should block or dodge, otherwise she will deal high damage.

When the queen spits, she deals damage and, when hit, creates adds that attack you.

Additionally, the queen can burrow and resurface anywhere in the zone.

When the Queen roars, 2 Seekers will come and attack you.


The Queen's Reward has not yet been implemented in the game and is therefore a placeholder.

As soon as that changes, it will also be updated.


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