Diablo 4 Season 2 Build - Barbarian Whirlwind. I would like to explain the whirlwind barbarian build in more detail here.

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You throw yourself into the enemy with your basic attack, make yourself stronger, more robust and more resource-efficient with your Shout skills and whirl your way through the enemy masses with the Whirlwind.


Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

2-handed ax expertise will be your 1st choice here, as you'll apply Vulnerable to opponents pretty permanently with your core skill, Whirlwind, it's just a permanent damage bonus.

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Basic Skills

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

With your basic skill Lunging Strike you will primarily bridge distance between individual opponents.

Of course, the secondary aspect of the skill is to generate your resource when you run out.

Core Skills

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

Your core skill Whirlwind will of course be your main source of damage here.

On the one hand, Whirlwind's passive talents allow you to generate Fury the more enemies you hit with the ability, which means that you can simply use the skill longer.

You also inflict a bleeding debuff on your hit enemies.

Pressure point ensures that you also have a chance to apply the Vulnerable debuff to the enemies hit, from which you will benefit from various other passive aspects.

Defensive Skills

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

On the one hand, your defensive skills would be the Rallying Cry, which will increase your movement speed enormously and also increase your resource generation.

This's passive talents make you unstoppable, so it frees you from stuns and generates extra Fury on top of that.

On the other hand, there would be your Challenging Shout.

This provokes the enemies to attack you, which should be the case anyway, and gives you a lot of damage reduction for the duration.

Its passive talents increase your maximum HP and generate Fury every time you get hit.

Brawling Skills

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

Your active Brawling skill here will be the War Cry.

This increases your damage dealt and puts you in Berserking through its passive talents and grants you Fortify based on your maximum HP.

Booming Voice increases your shout duration, which allows you to better maintain shout skills.

Raid Leader heals you as a percentage as long as you have at least one shout skill active.

Aggressive Resistance reduces your damage taken while Berserking.

Prolific Fury increases your resource generation while Berserking.

Weapon Mastery Skills

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

For weapon mastery skills, you will only use passive talent points.

Pit Fighter cause you to deal more damage to nearby enemies and reduce damage taken from ranged attacks.

No Mercy increases your critical hit chance against, among other things, slowed targets, which you will permanently inflict by Hamstring.

Thick Skin gives you Fortify when you take damage.

Defensive Stance further increases your damage reduction when you are Fortified.

You deal more damage with Counteroffensive when you are Fortified a certain percentage.

Ultimate Skills

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

Your ultimate skill, Wrath of the Berserker, instantly puts you in Berserking and makes you unstoppable.

The passive talents also give you increased movement speed and resource generation during Wrath of the Berserker.

Also increased damage for spent Fury.

Heavy Handed increases your critical hit damage with two-handed weapons.

Key Passives

Source: https://d4builds.gg/build-planner/

Your Key Passive Skill, Unconstrained, increases the duration of Berserking and your damage dealt.

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