Garbage disposal in Cities Skylines is one of the most important services for the citizens of your city. You will find out everything you need to know in this post.

When garbage piles up in the neighborhoods of your city, people become unhappy. If the situation does not change, they may leave the city. Garbage also has to be removed regularly from public buildings.

Under the "Garbage" building menu you will find the two standard buildings that will deal with the garbage.

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Landfill Site

The landfill site can store large amounts of garbage and sends garbage trucks out into the city to collect garbage from all buildings. This is dumped on the landfill site until 100% of the capacity is reached.

A landfill site cannot be demolished or moved while there is still garbage in it. With the button "Empty building to another facility" the garbage is taken to another landfill site or incineration plant.

If you don't want to constantly empty the landfill site yourself, you can also let a mod do the work for you. The mod "Automatic Emptying" in the Steam Workshop can automatically switch your landfill sites to "emptying" as soon as 100% capacity has been reached. But that only works well if the city has enough incineration plants.

Incineration Plant

It can store a small amount of garbage and burns it so that it's gone afterwards. Thus, the incineration plant is the easiest way to get rid of the garbage in Cities Skylines. This building can also send out garbage trucks.

Make sure that your burn rate is always greater than the amount of waste you produce. Otherwise the garbage will pile up again sooner or later.

If the "Garbage" tab is active, you will see these statistics in the top left.

Garbage Is Not Being Collected

If the garbage is not being picked up, this can quickly become a problem. The trash may not be picked up for a number of reasons:

  • The building has no road connection to a landfill site
  • The garbage trucks are stuck in traffic
  • All the landfill sites are full
  • The budget for garbage collection is too low

Other Buildings for Waste Disposal / Processing

  • Recycling Center (Green Cities DLC)
  • Floating Garbage Collector (Green Cities DLC)
  • Waste Transfer Facility (Sunset Harbor DLC)
  • Waste Processing Complex (Sunset Harbor DLC)
  • Ultimate Recycling Plant (Green Cities DLC)
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